Port Hardy RCMP help end the school year with some interactive bike rodeos

Port Hardy

2021-07-04 10:53 PDT

The Indigenous Policing section of the Port Hardy RCMP, comprised of members Constable Macdonald and Constable Dornan, joined with Port Hardy front line members, Constable Dupuy, Constable Spenner, and Constable Pearson, to hold multiple bike rodeos for local elementary schools. The bike rodeos ran from June 3rd to June 10th, and were held at the Quatsino First Nation – K’ak’ot’lats’I School, Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda-xw Nations Elementary School, and lastly the Kwakiutl Nation - Wagalus School.

The sessions included free bike tune-ups (led by Constable Dupuy who used to be a bike mechanic), safety talks, and most importantly an obstacle course. The interactive obstacle course allowed officers (and volunteers) to teach safe bicycle riding methods in a dynamic and memorable way to the elementary school students. Each rodeo ended with a ceremony that included a certificate for all participants as well as (more importantly) multiple snacks. The tired and hungry students were provided juice, chips, and freezies to help recover from their rigorous bike obstacle training.

The Port Hardy Indigenous Policing Section would like to thank everybody who volunteered and the local elementary schools for hosting the events. The officers would especially like to thank the many eager participants who put in the hard work to earn their certificate.

Police offcer helps fix bikes

Police officer helps fix bikes

Police officer helps fix bikes

Police officer shows children the obstable course and teaches safety

Children starting bike obstacle course

Children awtching officers fix bikes

Officer running through obstacle course

Children starting obstacle course



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