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Hudson's Hope

2021-02-10 13:53 PST

On February 7, 2021, Hudson's Hope Emergency Services Personnel took to the streets of Hudson’s Hope to get an overview of how visible addresses are in the District.

It was noted that several addresses would be very difficult to locate in an emergency situation, due to no address being posted, addresses in dark or hard to see places and addresses being blocked by overgrown trees or bushes. Several addresses were noted to be well lit or reflective and very effective to locate quickly.

The Hudson’s Hope Emergency Services will be working together over the next few months on how to improve the visibility of addresses in the area.


Released by

Cpl. Rob Gardner

NCO i/c Hudson's Hope RCMP
Hudson's Hope RCMP
10317 Gething Street, Hudson's Hope, B.C. V0C 1V0
Office: 250-783-5241
Fax: 250-783-9480


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