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Hudson's Hope

2021-02-04 11:22 PST

On Sunday, February 7 2021, Hudson’s Hope Emergency Services will be partnering together on a project regarding addresses in the Hudson’s Hope area.

Local residents will notice emergency vehicles driving down their streets after 5:30 pm, with the emergency lights flashing, and will likely be stopping regularly along the route.

As many emergency response personnel come and go out of the local area, we don’t always get to learn who lives in which house, and really rely on posted addresses at residences and businesses, stated Cpl Rob Gardner, Hudson’s Hope RCMP detachment commander. In an emergency situation, a matter of seconds can count, and if we are struggling to find where we need to go, that can be vital time lost.

The Hudson’s Hope Emergency Services personnel is asking everyone to take a minute before Sunday and look at their posted addresses, asking these questions. Is it still there? Has the sun, rain, or wind damaged it? Is it visible from the road without being blocked by overgrown bushes, trees or other items?

It is very helpful if the address numbers are visible, large and making them reflective is a huge assistance, especially when emergency lights are flashing. The emergency vehicle lights will be flashing during Sundays tour to see what addresses are able to be seen and what ones could use work.

Further information on the outcome of Sunday’s tour will be provided on February 11 2021. Watch for a further media release, information on The District of Hudson’s Hope / Fire Department Facebook pages and attend the Emergency Services Drive thru Parking Lot Tour at the Curling Rink parking lot, located at 10311 Gething Street, Hudson’s Hope between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. Click here for information regarding this event.

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Cpl. Rob Gardner

NCO i/c Hudson's Hope RCMP
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