Grandparent Scam


2021-02-03 13:46 PST

File # 2021-1037

Oceanside RCMP have received three recent reports of the Grandparent Emergency Scam. In this latest case, the complainant, a 77 year old Qualicum Beach resident was called by a distraught young man who was purporting to be the complainant’s grandson. He claimed to be in custody and needing bail money wired to him. Another man came on the phone and stated he was a police officer and that money was needed for bail. Luckily the complainant had heard of this scam and asked enough questions that the fraudster simply hung up.

These scams are operated by fraudsters claiming to be a family member, a close friend of a family member or even a lawyer representing a member of your family. They will advise the potential victim about an urgent situation that requires immediate funds.

Common themes have been that the family member was arrested or got into an accident while traveling abroad. The fraudster will then claim fees are required immediately for hospital or medical expenses, or even bail.

How to Protect Yourself:

Know that Police, Judges or legal entities will never request that money be sent through money service businesses.

Protect yourself by never voluntarily giving out a family member’s name or information to an unknown caller and always question any urgent request for money. When in doubt, please seek the advice of friends or family. Be sceptical, if someone is rushing you into a decision, it’s probably a poor decision to make.

Released by

Cpl. Jesse Foreman

Operations Support NCO
Oceanside RCMP
421 Pym Street North, Parksville, BC V9P 1B9
Office: 250-248-6111 extension 245


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