RCMP are warning of new internet extortion scheme

Campbell River

2021-08-23 11:29 PDT

The Campbell River RCMP have received multiple complaints in the month of August 2021, of a new internet extortion scheme that is taking advantage of the openness of Facebook video chats and other sites.

The scam is simple, an attractive individual who claims you have mutual friends sends you a friend request and then quite quickly will request a video chat. They claim their audio is broken so they type with the victim and then start to take off their clothes and sexually gratify themselves, when they do this, they request the victim does the same. The video is a recording and based on the complaints received by police, the person typing is likely located in a call centre somewhere in Eastern Europe.

The moment the victim disrobes, they start to receive messages advising them that what they are doing is being recorded and then the scammer demands money or they will release the video to all contacts on the victim's friend's lists.  

Much like a lot of the telephone scams that people are aware of, the scammers use a high pressure sales tactic to get people to send money quickly before being able to think about it.

There are some simple tips to protect yourself on the internet from this type of occurrence:

What the bulk of extortion type frauds on the internet rely on, is a sense of embarrassment or fear of being caught doing something illegal.

Cst Maury Tyre of the Campbell River RCMP explained, The best case scenario on the internet is to conduct yourself like the world is watching, because they are. People forget this in all aspects of internet use from time to time. In modern times, how you portray yourself on the internet can have serious effects on your life. Before you hit send, or venture onto a sight, it may be worthwhile to think WWGT (What would Grandma think?). If she would be horrified, then maybe don't talk or act that way on the internet or at all, it could save you a great deal of trouble in the long run. It may seem prudish to some, but it's important for people to remember, many internet criminals operate outside of the boundaries of law enforcement and as such a great deal of the work regarding internet crimes is prevention.

Due to the nature of this kind of internet fraud, they go under reported. If you have been a victim of fraud/extortion, please contact the Campbell River RCMP at 250-286-6221.

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