Keeping your community safe while you are away

Logan Lake, BC Wildfires

2021-08-18 12:32 PDT

The Logan Lake detachment is extremely grateful to all Logan Lake residents who were prepared and followed the Evacuation Order on August 12, 2021.

In approximately 3 hours, the evacuation of 1100 properties was only possible with everyone’s cooperation. It was great team work and communication with the Logan Lake, Merritt and Kamloops RCMP, Merritt and Kamloops Conservation, Merritt and Kamloops CVSE, Merritt and Kamloops Search & Rescue, local Emergency Operations Centre, and volunteers who provided support when the community needed it the most. These agencies, continued to work throughout the night conducting an additional evacuation alert order of an additional 280 properties in the surrounding Tunkwa Lake and Meadow Creek Road area.

After the evacuation of all residents was complete, the Logan Lake detachment followed it’s local Business Continuity Plan and secured and brought all detachment assets to another location to preserve them, and any pertinent investigative information needed to protect the integrity of all, present and past police investigations.

In the following hours, and in co-ordination with E Division RCMP, Logan Lake detachment received twelve (12) extra uniformed RCMP members to secure the community, preserve the integrity of fire fighting equipment and to allow firefighters to focus on protecting our amazing community.

The RCMP worked with the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD), Department Of Highways (DOH) and local EOC to secure check points, road blocks and only allow access to those authorized in the community.

Uniformed police officers continue patrols throughout the day and night to deter crime and to protect properties. These officers came from different communities from across BC and without hesitation work tirelessly to make sure our community is safe, 24 hours a day while the evacuation order is in place.

On behalf of the Logan Lake detachment, I would like to thank all agencies and volunteers who quickly came to the aid of our community to make sure once the fire danger is over we will have our homes to come back too, as we left them.

Stay safe everyone and we will see you soon.

Cpl. Jarett Duncan
Detachment Commander
Logan Lake RCMP

Photo of Logan Lake Detachment

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