Campbell River RCMP Community Update- August 18th, 2021

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2021-08-18 03:46 PDT

Campbell River RCMP Community Update - August 18th, 2021

As of 11:59 pm on August 17th, 2021, the Campbell River RCMP had 11,264 generated calls for police action. As of the same date in 2020, the local police had responded to 10,462 calls. Those numbers indicate an increase in file load over 7.5% for the year to date.

Assaults and Violence Against Law Enforcement

A largely under reported file type in many enforcement agencies are violent acts taken against police while they are attempting to do their jobs. For the most part, minor incidents often end up not being reported at all by officers. Thus far in 2021, the Campbell River RCMP have experienced 11 reported assaults against their officers. That is a doubling of instances over 2020 and the year is nowhere near over yet.

Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of violence that comes with the job, and I think most people who become officers realize there's a level of risk in what we do. That being said, to see such a drastic increase in violence against police in a year speaks to some deeper problems. Clearly I knew that the career of a police officer was not going to be sunshine and roses, said Cst Maury Tyre, but some of the incidents can definitely push the patience of even the calmest of officers. I've been bitten, spit in the face, had swings taken at me and been threatened with various weapons over the course of my career. In exceptional circumstances, I've had people threaten the lives and well being of my family in some of the most graphic terms people could, but probably shouldn't imagine. These experiences are sadly far more common than the numbers show.


The most recent assault on an officer occurred on August 16th, 2021 shortly after noon. Police were called for a Check Well Being in the 700 block of the South Island Highway. A member of the public had called concerned about a male who appeared to be passed out half in and half out of his vehicle. When the officer attempted to rouse the individual, the man elbowed the officer in the solar plexes in an attempt to avoid dealing with his legal issues. A brief struggle ensued and the 42 year old Campbell River man was taken into custody by the officer. The man now could be facing charges of Impaired Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle and Assault of a Police Officer.

Situations like this offer a prime example of what can go wrong during even the most benign calls, said Tyre. With many Check Well Being files, officers have absolutely no idea who or what they are going to encounter. In this situation a full size Katana sword and multiple other bladed items were located within reach of the suspect and if the officer had not been able to control his wits and body long enough to get the suspect in custody, the situation could have turned tragic.

Katana and mask located in suspect vehicle

(Katana style sword and skull mask found within reach of suspect who assaulted officer)lrg photo

It is believed that illicit drugs played a significant role in the incident.

Fight on Ebert Street sends one man to hospital


Officers were called to a known residence on Ebert St in Campbell River at 6:22 pm for a report of a fight in progress involving several combatants.

One officer arrived alone to deal with multiple individuals, taking one male into custody immediately. The first responder spoke to several individuals who appeared to have been involved in the incident, but none were overly co-operative with the investigation and denied anything more than a minor scuffle. More officers arrived and through the course of the investigation it was determined that a 59 yr old Campbell River man was hiding in the home, nursing injuries he had suffered during the altercation.

The man was forced to come out of the home to have his health assessed. He had suffered a small but deep gash to his upper chest, but was not cooperative with the investigation. Officers on scene provided first aid to the man, who was taken to hospital and expected to make a complete recovery.

It is believed that illicit drugs played a significant role in the incident.

If you wish to report a crime in Campbell River, please contact the RCMP at 250-286-6221 or in an emergency call 911.


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