February 10 to 16th 2021, 100 Mile House RCMP responded to 93 calls for service

Hundred Mile House

2021-02-22 07:58 PST

On Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 4:40 PM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to a report of a break and enter in the 100 block of Exeter Station Road in 100 Mile House BC. The complainant reported that on February 11th overnight, staff had discovered things disturbed around the main buildings in the yard and when they looked on the company’s video surveillance, multiple things had been stolen and damaged by the suspects and a fuel tank had been punctured on a tractor. Video surveillance is under review at this time and the investigation is ongoing.

On Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 10:11 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP along with BC Ambulance and 100 Mile Fire Rescue attended to a reported single vehicle collision near Yale Road along Highway 97 near 100 Mile House BC. The vehicle, a Ram truck, appeared to have left the highway and went down an embankment, rolling several times prior to coming to rest. A single person was seen by witnesses, but this person alleged another man had been driving the vehicle and fled the scene. After investigation assisted by 100 Mile Fire Rescue, it was determined that no other person had left the location nor the vehicle. After transport to hospital, the man was spoken to again by Police and admitted he was the lone occupant and had no driver’s licence. The investigation has been concluded after issuing paper to the driver.

On Monday, February 15, 2021 at 07:50 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP were called to a break and enter to a shed in the 300 block of Blackstock Road in 100 Mile House BC. The complainant reports he looked out a window at 05:00 AM and seen his shed lock cut off. Further searching on foot by the complainant in the fresh snow led to a Caucasian man on a stolen bike taken from the residence. The complainant described the unknown man as being dressed in black snow pants, a black jacket and
red ball cap and a scruffy beard. The suspect initially decided to challenge the complainant, but instead fled on foot with a large hockey bag, going down a slope toward Bridge Creek. The complainant watched the suspect struggle through the snow, eventually dropping the hockey bag, then the suspect continued along the creek until out of sight. The complainant retrieved the bag and a few more items near the bike and returned home. Police were not called until later in the morning,
as the complainant mistakenly believed no officers would be working on Family Day. Once Police attended, all the stolen items not belonging to the complainant were turned over to Police. RCMP members followed the tracks through the snow and to a possible location along Cedar Avenue where the suspect’s path was lost, due to the time delay and freshly plowed streets. Officers also back-tracked along the suspect’s route through the back yards of that area and located at least two more break and enters to sheds. Some of the stolen items were returned to the owners right away. The investigation is ongoing. Police wish to remind the public that there are no days where we are not
available, we work every day, including holidays, and to please contact Police immediately once an event is occurring or has occurred.

On Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 08:30 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to a reported break and enter to a container belonging to a business in the 600 block of Exeter Station Road in 100 Mile House BC. The small container had been used as a residence, but had been vacant for several months. The unknown suspect(s) entered through an unlocked window. After entering, suspect turned off all the heaters causing the pipes in the container to freeze. A small TV and cable box were stolen. Very little else was disturbed. There were no witnesses or video surveillance in the local area. The investigation is concluded pending further information being developed.

There have been many reports throughout this past week of Canada Post Mail Boxes being broken into in multiple areas within the boundaries of the 100 Mile House RCMP. Files were investigated from the Bridge Lake area to Lac La Hache. In some cases, such as the 108 Ranch mail boxes, almost 90 boxes were entered by the unknown suspect(s). In other cases, the select few larger parcel boxes were the only ones damaged, and in one extreme case, the entire 20 or so unit mail box in the Lac La Hache area was removed and later located near Forest Grove. Typically, there is no video urveillance nor many homes directly around these areas where boxes are placed. Forensic evidence is notoriously difficult to obtain off of these mailboxes just to the sheer number of persons having contact with them. 100 Mile House RCMP has been in contact and working with the local Canada Post outlet and also the Canada Post National Security Unit for the past week in order to put a plan in place to provide surveillance and supportive enforcement from their agency. Our efforts are ongoing. If
you observe anything unusual or strange persons or vehicles in your local area no matter what the hour, 100 Mile House RCMP wants to know! Please contact the detachment at 250-395-2456 to speak with an officer or to pass on your information.

Anyone with information on these or other events in the 100 Mile House RCMP area can contact the local detachment at 250-395-2456 to speak with an officer, or leave their information anonymously through a report to BC Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

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