Update - Search of a rental moving truck results in the seizure of equipment, chemicals, precursors and firearms


2021-01-26 15:19 PST

File # 2021-80

The full and safe examination of the abandoned rental moving truck has resulted in the seizure of high end equipment, large amounts of chemicals, precursors and several firearms.

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Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the origins and eventual abandonment of the vehicle. Investigators believe that the vehicle was being used to transport equipment and supplies, consistent with a fentanyl drug production operation.

A total of five heavily corroded firearms with ammunition were seized by police. Due to the degree of damage sustained by the exposure to the chemicals being transported in the rental vehicle, investigators believe they have seized 2 sawed off shotguns, and 3 rifles, including an AR15, a carbine C8 and an AK47.

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