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2021-01-25 11:27 PST

File # Elk Valley Media Brief - Media Report

Reminder to Elk Valley communities – motorists to stop for school buses

Elk Valley RCMP continue to receive disappointing complaints of motorists who do not stop for school buses. Since late September, Police have dealt with 15 complaints that have been reported by the public and bus drivers for failing to stop.

Regardless of which direction you are travelling, specifically if you are oncoming to a school bus with its flashing yellow and red lights, is a pretty good indicator that the bus is about to stop, or is stopped, and children will be walking outside the bus on the roadway.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 149 clearly states that a driver must stop before reaching the bus and not proceed until the bus resumes motion or the driver of the bus signals to other drivers that it is safe to proceed. Failing to obey would net you a fine of $368.00 plus 3 points.

Sparwood Speeders along Michel Creek Road

More complaints from the public have been received about drivers who do not obey the posted speed zone of 50 km along Michel Creek Road. Police would like to remind everyone to slow and be careful down along this road.


Elk Valley RCMP investigate damaged excavator causing thousands to repair- estimated more than $5,000 to repair

Elk Valley RCMP are actively investigating a case of mischief over $5,000 following a damaged excavator parked at 1st gravel pit on Brule Creek Forest Service Road, Sparwood, BC.

A John Deere excavator had been found to have the cab’s windows shot out. The suspects also took the time to shoot up a No Trespassing sign belonging to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

If you know of any information regarding this mischief, please contact the Elk Valley RCMP at 250-425-6233 or through Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.



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