An ode to celebrate the gift of giving in Hudson’s Hope

Hudson's Hope

2020-12-17 18:22 PST

T’was the month before Christmas when a young Mountie family decided to declutter,
Through the house Freyja went, finding toys, games and dolls and a toy flash camera complete with a shutter,

All gently used items were in really good shape, and throwing them away they would surely hate,
That’s when they decided, rather than turf, they’d donate,

A Facebook post was written and sent out to all,
'gently used toys for free, message JJ, or call.’

The people of the community answered quickly the plea,
and all of the toys were collected in a jiffy.

A community wide program was launched to help many in need,
from December 1st to the 12th, following the Schmidt’s lead.

Bins were placed all around town,
where people could give and turn frowns upside down.

Several community partners wanted to help and pitch in.
In no time at all they filled a huge Christmas wrapped bin.

A list was made and even checked twice,
two detachment members and their families wrapped gifts and made everything nice.

It took no time to give out all the toys.
you see a pandemic made it tough for many girls and boys,

There were lots of toys, and stuffies for kids of all ages, especially the young,
Cash donations turned into gift cards, so the teenagers could have fun.

The Hudson’s Hope RCMP would like to thank businesses and the community as a whole,
with special thanks to the District of Hudson’s Hope, Friends of Hudson’s Hope and the Hudson’s Hope
Junior and Secondary school for the help in making Hudson’s Hope a second North Pole.

It’s is truly amazing how the Schmidt family’s idea could expand and grow,
even in times when things all seem down, the gift of giving made so many hearts glow.

Corporal Rob Gardner and the staff of Hudson’s Hope RCMP would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Freyja Schmidt collecting toys
View larger image: Young Freyja Schmidt after collecting toy bins from town

photo of large toy bin full
View larger image: large toy bin full of donated toys  

photo of wrapped toys for girls and boys
View larger image: Toys wrapped up and ready to be delivered to families  

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