Injured eagle turned over to RCMP

Hundred Mile House

2020-10-22 15:16 PDT

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM, a vehicle pulled into the 100 Mile House RCMP Detachment with an animal on board. The driver had been going north on Hwy 97 near 100 Mile House BC when he came across a downed and believed deceased bald eagle along the highway. It appeared to the complainant that the eagle may have been struck by a vehicle. The man placed the eagle in the rear of his vehicle with the intent to drop it off at the local Conservation office in 100 Mile House.

When arriving into town, however, the thought to be deceased eagle suddenly woke up from its (likely) concussion induced sleep and scared the life out of the complainant as he was driving along the highway. The complainant drove straight into the detachment parking lot and met with an officer coming on duty, who gingerly looked into the van, took some photos of the bird and contacted Conservation.

Local Conservation Officer Joel KLINE attended to retrieve the magnificent bird and safely place it into a kennel. If you look closely at the photo of the red kennel, you can see the bird is very much alive and likely very upset. This morning, CO KLINE updated our office that the eagle was still doing well and plans were already in the works to get it into a veterinarian and then down to a rehabilitation facility in the Lower Mainland.

100 Mile House RCMP stresses caution when approaching any wild animal that looks deceased, or you might end up with an upset eagle flapping around in the backseat of your minivan. Contact the CO hotline at 1-877-855-3222 or contact your local RCMP Detachment prior to approaching the animal.

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Cpl. Madonna Saunderson

District Advisory NCO (Media Relations)
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