Lock-down drill at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary

Hundred Mile House

2020-10-21 13:25 PDT

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 10:20 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP along with RCMP Cariboo Regional Traffic Services, RCMP Police Dog Service Team Grimm, RCMP On Call Centre (Prince George) and BC Conservation completed a lock-down drill at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary in 100 Mile House BC.

As most know, lock-down drills are essential in this day and age to protect student and staff from emergent events occurring in our schools. PSO administration took the necessary steps to ensure those students who did not wish to participate were able to relocate prior to the start of the exercise. There were a large number of patrol vehicles visible at the school prior and during the event. COVID protocols were followed, where applicable, by the attending officers.

RCMP, working with the PSO administration team, were able to complete three scenarios within the school to assist local officers in training for these unfortunate events. No weapons at any time were used or displayed during the scenarios. The Police Service Dog was not part of the training scenarios, only the handler was involved. The scenarios involved a PSO staff member taking on the role of the "suspect" and creating an environment which would benefit the officers involved while minimizing the impact on the students. This included a person making noise to simulate a person in distress within the school, such as hitting a drum actively for a few minutes or yelling loudly at the responding officers. School administration was actively involved in these decisions prior to and during the event to ensure communication was active and knowledge was shared throughout. The lock-down drill ran for approximately 45 minutes.

There are future plans to continue educating students and staff moving forward in this manner. This is the third year where such a lock-down practice has involved officers with this kind of exercise. 100 Mile House RCMP has no such plans to bring this type of activity into local elementary schools.

100 Mile House RCMP wish to thank the Peter Skene Ogden administration, teachers and students for letting us be included in planning for your safety.

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