Summary September 30 to October 13 2020

Hundred Mile House

2020-10-20 07:41 PDT

From September 30 to October 13 2020, 100 Mile House RCMP responded to 212 calls for service, some highlights are listed below:

On Wednesday, September 30 2020 at 4:40 PM, a Cariboo Regional Traffic Services member was on patrol when he witnessed a driver with no seat belt. The local male drove to the Lakewood Inn, but then got out and went into the Beer and Wine Store - to check his lottery tickets. The driver then returned, but left without speaking with the officer. The attending member recognized the male driver from previous interactions. The Inn's owner indicated they didn't want the truck left in the lot, so a tow was called. Another person with keys arrived on scene, but permission to take the vehicle had not been established with the owner. The person then left. The male driver eventually returned to the vehicle and was served violation tickets and the truck towed to a friend's residence at his request. No word on whether or not he won the lottery. 

On Thursday, October 1, 100 Mile House RCMP and Cariboo Regional Traffic Services on patrol along Horse Lake Road near 100 Mile House BC when they came across an accident involving one vehicle towing a detached boat trailer. The trailer had come loose in travel and slammed into the rear of the jeep. No one was injured. The owner of the jeep indicated they had just purchased the trailer. A no insurance ticket was served for the trailer's lack of proper insurance. The owner was given direction on how to properly secure a tow hitch. 100 Mile House RCMP remind everyone to triple check their tow connections before leaving so as to not potentially cause a traffic accident such as this, or worse. This file is concluded. 

On Friday, October 2, 2020 at 10:51 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to a break and enter at the northern end of 100 Mile House BC within a ranch property. The owner reports a barn on this property had the locked doors pried open and there was still evidence at scene. While there was plenty of tools and other valuables inside the barn, nothing appeared taken. The owner reports his tenant had heard something outside around 3:00 AM and turned on security lighting, which may have scared the suspects off. Video surveillance is being added to the property as a deterrent. This file is concluded. 

On Friday, October 2, 2020 at 5:16 PM, 100 Mile House RCMP received a report of a suspicious occurrence which had occurred the previous week near Fourth Street and Birch Avenue in 100 Mile House BC. The complainant reported their daughter and her friend had been walking along near the intersection when an older male, mid 30's with a mustache and driving a small silver car, threw something out the window at the two girls which produced a loud bang - likely a cherry bomb firecracker. This occurred at around 3:15 PM on both days. There is no video surveillance in that area. Further information provided to Police also appeared to show a similar male in August 2020 approaching two girls in the Tim Hortons parking area and doing the same thing. Surveillance at Tim Hortons was viewed, but no further evidence was obtained. All the victims were disturbed by the incident. The investigation is ongoing pending further information. 

On Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 10:41 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to a reported mischief and possible break and enter to a residence in 100 Mile House BC. The homeowner awoke to see their rear gate destroyed and other visible damage consistent with a possible break in. The complainant showed the investigator the damage to the fence, which consisted of claw marks on the gate, which had been completely destroyed, and damage to a section of fence near the gate. There were also tell-tale signs of black hair hung up on exposed nails along the fence. Fortunately, there was nothing missing from the property - including the properly stored garbage kept in the garage. The black bruin offender was not seen by Police. The complainant was grateful for Police attendance. This file is concluded. 

On Monday, October 5, 2020 at 10:52 AM, 100 Mile House RCMP responded to a theft of fuel and other equipment from a rural property in the Roe Lake BC area near Interlakes BC. There was no physical evidence at the scene, beyond that the unknown suspects had taken about 8 metres of PVC culvert pipe and 400 litres of fuel. The area is quite rural and there are no suspects or witnesses. The theft would have occurred sometime over the last week. The file is concluded pending the development of further information. 

On Monday, October 5, 2020 at 12:50 PM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to a report of a suspicious red car with a silver stripe near the 108 Elementary in 108 Mile Ranch BC. Two students of the school had reported to the principal that they had observed a male in the vehicle possibly recording them, or other students in the school grounds. The vehicle had already left and was not located by Police, despite extensive patrols. No licence plate was obtained. It is unknown what the intentions were of the male or if he was actually recording the students. Our file is concluded pending further information. 

On Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 3:58 PM, 100 Mile House RCMP received a report of a drone being used over private property in the Mein Road / Block Drive area in the 108 Mile Ranch BC. The complainant reported that a small drone had flown over her property and right over top of her person, at which point she observed it was recording. The drone user was not known to the complainant. 100 Mile House RCMP note that this is in clear violation of Canadian Aviation Regulations, even if the drone was under 250 grams of total weight. All drones must not fly within 5.6 nautical km's of an airport unless given authority to do so and must be kept at minimum 30 metres away from any bystanders. Fines can be upwards of $3000 for an individual. This file is ongoing. 

On Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 1:09 PM, 100 Mile House RCMP attended to mischief and fuel theft in the Heron Ridge area in 100 Mile House BC. The complainant reports extensive damage to equipment on site and approximately $500 worth of fuel taken from the scene. This has occurred sometime over the long weekend. There are currently no suspects or witnesses. The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information on these or other files in the 100 Mile House RCMP area can contact local RCMP at 250-395-2456 to speak with an officer or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS) if they wish to remain anonymous.

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