Robson Valley RCMP have seen a significant increase in traffic volume

McBride, Valemount

2020-06-30 16:14 PDT

With an increase in traffic volume, we have also seen an increase in speed. McBride RCMP recently stopped someone doing 164 km/hr in a 100 zone. This kind of speed means a $483 fine and the vehicle being impounded for 7 days.

radar display

Although this is dangerously fast, there have been faster speeds recorded locally in recent years, including several over 200 km/hr. Even if you consider yourself "a good driver", the consequences of hitting a deer or a moose at these speeds can be catastrophic.

Additionally, many of the people losing their car for 7 days are from out of town. With the lack of rental cars and public transport available in the Robson Valley, it makes for a very inconvenient change in travel plans.

Travelling or not, it's never a good time to lose your car for 7 days. Slow down and enjoy some famous Robson Valley scenery. said Corporal Jake Joslin, Valemount RCMP.

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