Police John, can you defeat a ninja?

West Shore

2024-05-29 06:40 PDT

Police John, can you defeat a ninja? was just one of the many questions the ‘Early Years’ students at Westmont Montessori School had for Cst. John Varley of West Shore RCMP’s Community Policing Unit.

Cst. Varley visited the Kindergarten and Preschool classes in Metchosin last week to discuss what a police officer does in the community.


Video has pleasant music playing in the background, no one is speaking.

Video depicts Cst. Varley interacting with a group of Preschool and Kindergarten kids from Westmont Montessori School. Cst. Varley is seen showing the children his police vest and the kids then go outside and see the police car with lights and sirens on.


Our job is to keep people in the West Shore safe and be there for them when they need help, he said to the 50 students in attendance.

The Community Policing officer showed off his police vest and some of the tools RCMP officers carry with them. A few students even had the chance to try on his vest – which weighed nearly as much as them.

After that, the students continued asking plenty of important questions…

The students also had the chance to check out his police car, giggling as he showed off the lights and different sirens.

For Cst. Varley, visits like this and answering all of the questions is an important part in building relationships.

Not only are we helping to educate the students on the role of the RCMP here in West Shore, but we’re also helping to create a level of trust. It allows us to break barriers and show them that we are here to help.

As he was leaving, the students made ‘Police John’ promise to come back to their school for a game of soccer. Something Cst. Varley says he can’t wait for.

Please note: Cst. Varley’s skills have not been tested in the "combat against a Ninja" category.

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