West Shore RCMP host meet and greet event at Esquimalt Nation

West Shore, West Coast Marine Services

2023-09-06 15:14 PDT

Throughout the summer the West Shore RCMP Indigenous Policing and Community Policing Units have hosted several Meet and Greet pop up events.

In August, our officers were out at Kopsapsum Daze, a community event held at Esquimalt Nation. We were very delighted to showcase several West Shore RCMP displays including;

Visitors were also welcomed on board two vessels that were docked at Esquimalt Nation including the Pacific Ship Rider unit, which has police officers who focus on border integrity and work closely with US Coast Guard.

The RCMP Police Vessel Higgitt was also there along with RCMP West Coast Marine Services. The West Coast Marine Services provide maritime-marine enforcement and police support to the numerous coastal and inland communities and RCMP Detachments.

This fun opportunity allowed West Shore RCMP to connect with families. We even brought our bannock booth, popcorn and slushie machine out for some extra fun.

An RCMP officer and a young boy on the bridge of a police ship. The boy is wearing a police-style hat and looking through binoculars

5 young boys with painted faces and costume police hats smiling next to a large brown police dog

The RCMP police boat Higitt at dock with several smiling police officers and boys on the deck

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