Watch West Shore RCMP and Colwood Fire & Rescue save Bambi

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2021-02-05 10:08 PST

On February 3rd 2021, at approximately 10:30 p.m. the West Shore RCMP received a call of a fawn that was stuck in a wrought iron gate at a residential property on Porcher Place in Colwood.
Officers arrived on scene and observed the fawn had been frantically struggling to get out of the fence while mother deer watched nearby. Officers called upon Colwood Fire and Rescue who used hydraulic spreaders to manipulate the fence and free the deer.

Generally animal complaints of this nature would go to Conservation officers, however when they are not available police will step in and address the complaint. We are happy to report the fawn was freed and reunited with its mother. The homeowners were very understanding and gave permission to manipulate the fence as required but Colwood Fire and Rescue was able to restore the fence to near original state, said Cst. Nancy Saggar West Shore RCMP Media Relations Officer.

See video of the dramatic rescue here:


Video shows a fawn stuck in wrought iron fence. Caption on the screen reads: "This little guy got stuck in a fence. Police and Fire worked together to free him while mama deer watched nervously."

Scene changes to show the fawn is covered with a sheet while Police and Fire work to free the deer. The deer is finally freed and runs off.

Caption on the screen reads: Baby deer was so nervous we had to cover him with a sheet to keep him calm while we worked. Another eventful night shift for West Shore RCMP and Colwood Fire and Rescue.


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