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2024-06-20 11:30 PDT

File # 2024-06-20 Summer Safety

The summer season is best spent enjoying the outdoors, basking in good weather, and spending quality time with family. Surrey RCMP would like to share some helpful tips to not only make this an enjoyable summer, but a safe and healthy one as well.

Heading out of town or travelling internationally

If you are travelling out of country, front counter staff at the detachment cannot create a file for just in case scenarios. Please register at the following website to ensure you receive the help you need in case of an emergency:

Protect your home from property crimes

Whether you intend on spending your summer at home or travelling, Surrey RCMP is reminding the public to remain vigilant of property crime thieves. Surrey RCMP’s Property Crime Target Team recommends locking your front doors and windows, and keeping garage doors closed, even if you are home and spending time in the backyard. If you are going on vacation take some precautions such as stopping regular newspaper deliveries or have a neighbour collect your mail. Also setting up indoor lights to turn on and off automatically on timers could deter a theif. For more tips on home security, please visit our website at surrey.rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Don’t leave kids or pets in vehicles

Your car is basically a miniature greenhouse and temperatures can skyrocket extremely quickly inside. Don’t leave children or pets in parked vehicles. Parking in the shade or slightly cracking the window does not make it safe. On an average summer day, the inside of a parked vehicle can reach a dangerously high temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius in minutes.

Plan your trip accordingly and, if you need to make a "quick stop" then, for the health and safety of your child, take your child with you even if it means getting them out of their car seat. Heat stroke can occur very quickly and unexpectedly in children and pets causing symptoms such as dizziness, disorientation, agitation, confusion, sluggishness, seizure, loss of consciousness, and/or death.

If you see a pet or a child in distress inside a parked vehicle call 9-1-1 immediately.

Block Watch Program

Consider getting involved in the community by joining Surrey RCMP’s Block Watch program. The program helps get to know your neighbours while contributing to keeping the neighbourhood safe. To find out how to participate in the Block Watch program, please visit our website at bc-cb.rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Road Safety

The nicer summer weather means more people including children are outside enjoying activities. Surrey RCMP are asking you to slow down and pay extra attention while driving near playgrounds or streets where children are at play.

Speed, Impairment and distracted driving are the three leading contributing factors for fatal crashes in the province, according to ICBC. If your summer plans include the consumption of alcohol, ensure to plan ahead and arrange a safe ride home. Our officers will continue to conduct proactive traffic enforcement throughout the summer for dangerous driving behaviour.

Summer is also construction season on our busy roads. Be patienst with the construction workers and follow their instructions and posted speed limits as they keep you and the rest of their crew safe. Slow down and enjoy a safe summer.

Outdoor events

With a return to many in-person community events, there will be more opportunities to take younger children and seniors to outdoor events with large crowds. In the excitement, it can be easy for family members to become separated, and it is not uncommon for our officers to respond to multiple missing persons incidents. Make a plan with your family in case of separation that includes a pre-arranged meeting place and some form of identification. On the day of the event, take a photo of your family members with your phone so you have an accurate description of them should they go missing. Most of all keep a close eye on children and seniors and stay close together.

Surrey RCMP Community Engagement Teams gear up for summer

In preparation for a busy summer events season, the Surrey RCMP’s Community Engagement Teams are ramping up their attendance at various community, sporting, and cultural events throughout the city. Team members from various units including Special Events, Diversity, Community Programs, and Youth Unit will be at these events connecting with children and youth and offering resources to parents.


A valuable resource for parents that will continue its operations throughout the summer is the Surrey RCMP’s Parent Helpline 604-599-7800 (Mon-Fri). It is a dedicated phone line that provides guidance for parents/guardians who believe their child is involved or at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity. For more information about this program, please visit Surrey RCMP Parent Helpline.

Residents are reminded that the Parent Helpline is not to be used as a replacement for reporting a crime. Please call the non-emergency line (604-599-0502) or 911 for crimes in progress or in life-threatening situations.

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