Surrey RCMP celebrates 70 years of service to the community


2021-05-03 09:24 PDT

File # 70 years of innovation

May 1, 2021 marks the 70th Anniversary of the RCMP’s service in the City of Surrey. Over seven decades the Surrey RCMP has grown from 15 officers serving a population of 35,000 in 1951 from the Cloverdale detachment, to over 1,100 officers and staff working out of seven offices serving a growing and diverse city of over half-a-million people.

We proudly look back on 70 years of service to the community and the many outreach, intervention and investigative initiatives developed here in Surrey. Behind every call for service, file or program are the people – the officers, employees, volunteers, residents, business owners and community partners, who have been instrumental in shaping our detachment.

There are many accomplishments to be proud of when looking back on our local policing history, says Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards, Officer in charge of Surrey RCMP. Each success and innovation has been possible through the everyday contributions of our people and the incredible support from the community and partners.

The Surrey RCMP remains committed to working with the community to reduce crime using three streams that form the basis of our Service Delivery Model. Examples of some of the local programs developed by the Surrey RCMP over the past 70 years include:

Outreach, Education & Prevention

Intervention & Diversion

Enforcement & Suppression

As we celebrate our history we also acknowledge the five Surrey RCMP members who tragically lost their lives in the line of duty. They continue to be a part of the heart and soul of our detachment. The ultimate sacrifice made by Constable Archille Lepine, Constable Roger Pierlet, Constable John Terrance Draginda, Constable John Baldwinson and Constable Adrian Oliver changed the Surrey RCMP forever, and we continue to honour these members every day.

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