Sunshine Coast residents falling victim to scammers

Sunshine Coast

2024-03-11 13:14 PDT

The Sunshine Coast RCMP are continuing to receive almost daily reports from Sunshine Coast residents who report being victims of frauds.  The old adage.."If it's too good to be probably isn't" is something to remember when you come in contact with these talented fraudsters, either on the phone or through your computer.

In one report, a Sechelt resident was told over the phone she would receive a $100,000 cash reward but needed to provide some gift cards before the reward could be released. Luckily the resident asked family members for advice and they were able to ascertain that it was a scam.

In another very common scam, a Gibsons resident received an email that there was a virus in their computer that was illegally accessing their bank account. The "specialist" told the resident to obtain $1,100 in gift cards and provide them the codes.

The RCMP have received multiple reports of people sending e-transfer deposits or payments through FaceBook Marketplace only to find their money gone, and then never receive the item they believed they had purchased.

Several other residents allowed external agencies to access their computers remotely under the guise of a variety of ploys which ultimately ended with them being defrauded.

Tips to protect yourself:

To learn more about this and other common scams, and how to protect yourself from falling victim, please visit sites such as The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre  Please share this information with your friends and family.

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