Richmond RCMP Leads the Charge in Sustainable Policing with Greener Fleet Initiative


2024-03-25 15:14 PDT

Richmond RCMP is proud to announce a significant stride in our sustainability efforts with the adoption of hybrid vehicles within our operational fleet. In alignment with our Strategic Policing Plan and the City of Richmond’s commitment to sustainability, this move marks a pivotal shift towards eco-friendly law enforcement in our community.

Since 2022, the Richmond Detachment has integrated 22 hybrid Ford Explorers as part of our aging fleet replacement program, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Not only do these vehicles demonstrate a reduction in idle time fuel consumption by approximately 56%, but they also show a commitment to fiscal responsibility, with estimated cost savings of over $22,000 per vehicle over its lifetime.

As we look to the future, the integration of greener vehicles, including hybrid vehicles, within our fleet replacement program stands as a testament to our commitment to fiscal and environmental sustainability. The successful rollout has demonstrated that greener vehicles can withstand the rigours of law enforcement use. says Inspector Mark Baxter, Proactive Enforcement and Administrative Services Officer, Richmond RCMP.

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