Richmond RCMP’s Road Safety Unit Highlights Key Traffic Safety Outcomes for February

Richmond, Road Safety Unit

2024-03-18 10:31 PDT

As part of the ongoing commitment to road safety, Richmond RCMP’s Road Safety Unit (RSU) is releasing its traffic violation and collision statistics for February 2024, underscoring the importance of safe driving behaviours and vigilance on the roads.

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For the month, officers issued a total of 782 traffic tickets, highlighting the proactive measures taken to curb dangerous and unlawful driving behaviours. Among these were 167 violation tickets issued for speeding, underscoring the need for drivers to adhere to posted speed limits. In the ongoing battle against impaired driving, 20 individuals were apprehended, reflecting continuous efforts to keep intoxicated drivers off the road. Additionally, the prevalence of distracted driving remains a concern, with 64 violation tickets issued.

Richmond RCMP’s use of advanced technology is instrumental in identifying and addressing violations. See previous media release on how ALPR technology is enhancing road safety.

In addition to traffic violations, 4 high volume collision areas were identified, highlighting the need to additional caution:

The RSU conducts additional enforcement in high volume collision areas.

Richmond RCMP’s Road Safety Unit is dedicated to making our roads safer. Our monthly statistics serve as a reminder of the collective effort required to achieve this goal. This March, our focus on distracted driving enforcement has intensified. We encourage all drivers to reflect on their habits and make the necessary changes to ensure their safety and that of others, says Sargeant Eric Baskette NCO/ ic Richmond RCMP Road Safety Unit.

The BC Chiefs of Police have designated March as distracted driving enforcement month. Throughout the month of March, Richmond RCMP is engaging in additional enforcement operations and education campaigns with community partners.

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