Richmond RCMP Bike Patrol Unit’s flexible deployment is perfect for the urban environment


2023-12-29 08:58 PST

Richmond RCMP Bike Patrol Unit has been deployed for the holiday season. These specially trained officers can move quickly and quietly, covering greater distances than on foot. Their stealthy nature often lends to the element of surprise with criminals not noticing them. While it’s true, there is a lot of trunk space on a bike, a pickup is but a mere radio call away.

Many of the officers bring their extensive experience from other sections within the RCMP. This includes knowing many of the offenders by appearance and name. They are keenly focusing on the downtown core of Richmond and areas along Bridgeport Road corridor to arrest criminals, deter suspicious activity, and safeguard the community.

Over the course of their deployment, some examples of their calls for service include:

Many of the businesses and members of the community have provided feedback on the presence of Bike Patrol officers in the area. It has been overwhelmingly positive. Their unique capabilities and flexibility are unmatched in the urban environment, says Staff Sergeant Paula Maan.

Richmond RCMP is asking the community to assist by taking a few simply precautions:

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