Pedestrian safety is a two-way street. What pedestrians and drivers can do to make our roadways safer


2023-10-12 15:05 PDT

Richmond RCMP video helps educate pedestrians and drivers about how they can make our roadways safer.



Time denoted 00:00:00,000 = hr:min:sec,milliseconds
DV: = Described Video
A: = Sounds and music
V: = Voice
T: = Text

00:00:00,000 to 00:00:02,220
DV: A young woman with brown hair and a black hoodie stands in a washroom adjusting her collar and looking at herself in the mirror, smiles and then turns.

00:00:02,230 to 00:00:03,150
DV: We see the bottom of the young woman’s black jogging pants and her white running shoes as she walks along a path with yellow flowers in the background.

00:00:03,160 to 00:00:04,220
DV: The young woman inserts an ear bud into her right ear as she walks along the path with trees and houses in the background.

00:00:04,230 to 00:00:07,040
DV: The young woman, with two ear buds in her ears, looks down and then puts her jacket hood over her head.
A: Radio interference plays, followed by up beat music.

00:00:07,190 to 00:00:08,270
DV: The young woman is at an intersection looking down as she presses the crosswalk button to cross the street.
A: Up beat music continues to play.

00:00:08,280 to 00:00:09,260
DV: Pedestrian crossing lights flash as the scene slowly rotates counter-clockwise.
A: Up beat music continues to play.

00:00:09,270 to 00:00:11,100
DV: The young woman walks across a cross walk on a rainy day, as the pedestrian crossing lights flash.
A: Up beat music continues to play.

00:00:11,110 to 00:00:12,230
DV: As it lightly rains a dark grey car drives down a wet road with its headlights on as it quickly drives out of scene.
A: Up beat music continues to play as we hear the car driving by.

00:00:12,240 to 00:00:16,150
DV: From inside the car we see a man wearing glasses driving. His mobile phone is visible in the front console’s cup holder. As the phone rings, we see the man glance down to his phone. He reaches for the phone and picks it up and looks at the display.
A: Up beat music lowers in volume as we hear a mobile phone ring.

00:00:16,160 to 00:00:18,010
DV: From very low down we see the car driving down the wet road with its headlights on as the young woman’s white running shoes walk across the street, seemingly by themselves, as she appears invisible.
A: Up beat music continues to play. Car skids.

00:00:18,020 to 00:00:18,150
DV: Screen goes black.

00:00:18,160 to 00:00:20,050
DV: From within the car we see the young woman turn suddenly towards the driver with a shocked and scared look on her face. She takes her jacket’s hood off of her head.
A: Sombre music begins to play.

00:00:20,060 to 00:00:22,140
DV: From outside the car we see the driver looking shocked as he looks down embarrassed.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:22,150 to 00:00:24,280
DV: We see the drive puts his phone back in the front console’s cup holder.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:24,290 to 00:00:26,010
DV: We see the driver looking scared and embarrassed as he shakes his head and takes a breath.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:26,020 to 00:00:28,180
DV: We see the young woman looking scared as she slowly removes the ear bud from her ear and looks at it.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:28,230 to 00:00:31,060
DV: The screen splits diagonally as we see the young woman on the left and the male driver on the right. Both look scared and shocked. The driver shakes his head.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:31,260 to 00:00:32,170
DV: The screen fades to black.
A: Sombre music continues to play.

00:00:32,180 to 00:00:36,030
DV: Text appears that states Pedestrian safety is a two-way street.
A: Sombre music slowly fades and stops playing.
T: Pedestrian safety is a two-way street.

00:00:37,020 to 00:00:38,170
DV: Screen dissolves to a black screen with text and RCMP crest.
T: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Copyright His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2022.

00:00:38,190 to 00:00:41,050
DV: Government of Canada logo appears, with the Canadian flag waving in the upper right hand corner of the logo.
T: Canada


In 2022, Richmond RCMP investigated a total of 65 collisions involving pedestrians. 43 of those occurred during the winter months. To date in 2023, Richmond RCMP investigated 47 collisions involving pedestrians.

The fall is typically the worst time of the year for pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Richmond, says Sergeant Eric Baskette, Sergeant in charge of Road Safety Units, We are wanting to remind the public to take extra care and precautions as the short, rainy days return.

Ways pedestrians can help prevent being involved in a collision include:

Ways drivers can help to try and avoid collisions include:

Remember pedestrian safety is a two-way street. All road users need to do their part to make our roadways safer.

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