Grandparent scams have evolved and become far more sophisticated


2023-06-20 14:10 PDT

Grandparent scams have evolved and become far more sophisticated.

Typically, this type of scam targets seniors. This scam can take a variety of forms, but they are all follow a similar formula: Suspects use high-pressure tactics aimed convincing victims to send money in efforts to help a family member who is in trouble. For example, in one variant, the scammer calls the victim by phone and pretends to be their grandson who is jailed and requires immediate bail money

The twist is that the voice used in the phone call has been altered to sound more authentic using digital manipulation likely with the help of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

While seniors are often targeted, anyone can fall victim to these kinds of scams.

We have suggestions to better protect oneself that concur with tips from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre:

For more information on ways to protect yourself from these and other scams, check out the helpful
information provided by the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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