Richmond RCMP celebrates Diversity Month


2022-04-04 13:01 PDT

Photo collage of some of last year’s events involving Richmond RCMP’s Diversity & Inclusion Section

[Photo collage of some of last year’s events involving Richmond RCMP’s Diversity & Inclusion Section]

April is Diversity Month, and for Richmond RCMP it’s a time to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultures, backgrounds and traditions that make up the vibrant community in which we serve. It’s also a time for inner reflection.  This month, Richmond RCMP is asking its members, civilian employees and volunteers important questions on diversity, equity and inclusion.

What do diversity, equity and inclusion mean to you? 

Photo of Acting Corporal Eric Chan sho says <q>Having lived and worked overseas, I celebrate massive accomplishments we have achieved in Canada in regards to Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity. We can never achieve perfection but compare to the rest of the world, we are darn close to it. We have only reason to celebrate, nothing else.</q>

How do you build on your own understanding of coworkers from different backgrounds?

Photo of Libby Williams of Victim Servicesand who says, <q>Ask a lot of questions - I try to reach out to people I have not met before and learn from their backgrounds. I do my best to find commonality and honour differences.</q>    And also a photo of Assistant Block Watch Coordinator Ricky Tam who says, <q>When I talk to them, I ask questions… Their answers will often come in a story which helps me remember details of their background and culture … I believe story telling is one of the best tools to understand people’s backgrounds.</q>

What is one challenge you see while working in a diverse workplace?

Photo of Constable Darwin Arriola who says, <q>The challenge is making sure everybody’s opinion counts because everyone of us comes from different backgrounds and experiences. It is vital that everyone’s input is heard and included.</q>

How do you promote diversity and inclusion on your team?

Photo of Corporal Roy Wong of the Community Engagement Team who says, <q>I support professional development for my team by seeking new opportunities to meet new groups … I personally participate in events and activities to show leadership and ... I support self-development by listening to others and I provide awareness to other police members."

Richmond RCMP invites you to join us in celebrating Diversity Month.
Ask yourself, What can I do to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in my community?
Then find a way to make it happen.

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