RCMP Community Connection for the week of November 6 – 12


2023-11-18 08:28 PST

Welcome to the Mission RCMP Community Connection for the week of November 6 – 12, 2023

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we did last week:

Calls of interest:

Photo of e-bike

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On the evening of November 5, a male was riding an e-bike along 1st Avenue, when he crashed into a light post. The rider then got up, parked the e-bike, and walked away. Four days later, the e-bike was still parked in the same spot, which was on private property. The e-bike has since been taken to a tow yard. If you are the owner, or know who the owner is, please contact Mission RCMP at 604-826-7161 to make arrangements to have it returned.

On the afternoon of November 7, a staff member at a fast-food restaurant in Mission had his electric scooter stolen out of the restaurant’s storage area, after the back door was left open and a male snuck in and made off with the scooter. The initial investigator fanned out a picture of the unique-looking scooter to other officers in Mission, and the following evening, two officers on patrol spotted a 27-year-old man from Mission riding a matching scooter. Officers stopped the male, confirmed via serial number that it was the stolen one, and arrested the male for possession of stolen property. While searching the male, officers also found a knife and a loaded handgun. The man is now facing multiple charges, and officers were able to recover the scooter for the owner.

On the morning of November 11, a customer at a gas station in Mission was approached by two males offering to sell him some pieces of gold, which the customer declined. The gold appeared to actually be gold-plated brass. A similar occurrence with matching suspects was also recently reported in the Merritt area. The males were described as South Asian, in their early 20s, driving a white Toyota Rav4 with Ontario license plates. Anyone approached by people trying to sell gold or any other items under suspicious circumstances should notify police immediately – you may not fallen for the scam, but reporting it may help to prevent someone else from falling victim to it.

A gas station on Cedar Street north of Tunbridge Avenue that has been closed for renovations was the recent target of a break and enter. A passerby noticed the doors to the business were open on the morning of November 11, and the break-in is believed to have occurred earlier that morning or overnight on November 10-11. The business owner confirmed that everything of value had previously been moved to another location while the renovations were underway, so there was not much for the thieves to steal. Anyone who saw any suspicious persons or vehicles around the business on November 10 or 11 should contact Mission RCMP.

On the lighter side…

A Loss Prevention Officer from a large retail store in Mission reported an attempted theft that occurred on the afternoon of November 7. A male tried to steal sunglasses, yogurt, and a package of pens, however the LPO intervened and recovered most of the items. While shoplifters have been known to steal a variety of items, the grouping of items the shoplifter tried to steal from this store was quite unusual. Investigators now believe that the key to solving this mystery is to identify the secret behind the desire to have the specific combination of sunglasses, yogurt, and a package of pens. Helpful hints about the possible uses of this trio of items can be directed to the comments section of the Mission RCMP Facebook page.

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