RCMP Community Connection for the week of October 30 – November 5


2023-11-13 08:07 PST

Welcome to the Mission RCMP Community Connection for the week of October 30-November 5, 2023

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we did last week:

Calls of interest:

Photo of stolen grey bike and photo of stolen blue bike

Click here for large photo of stolen grey bike and stolen blue bike

Two bicycles were stolen during a break and enter to a shed on Scott Avenue, which occurred on the night of October 30-31. One bike is a silver Norco bike with green hand-grips, and the other is a Liv Intrigue bike, with a blue gradient colour scheme. If you have seen either of these bikes around, please contact Mission RCMP.

On Halloween night, police received several reports about a large unruly group of youth in the area of Cherry Avenue and Cedar Street. Officers arrived to find over 100 youth in a large group, lighting off fireworks in a dangerous manner and causing a disturbance. Several of the youth shot fireworks at police, and jumped on police cars. Officers worked to disperse the group, but shortly afterwards some of the individuals started using fireworks to set fire to bushes and to a porta potty at Griner Park. 4 youth tried to run from police, but quick-footed officers caught all of them and arrested them for mischief. Fireworks, bear spray and alcohol were seized from the group. Later in the night, around 5:30 am, police were called to a porch on fire in the 32900 block of Cherry Avenue, where it was suspected that a firework shot by someone passing by may have ignited a pile of cardboard on the porch.

There have been several recent incidents of copper wire being stolen from City of Mission utilities. The most recent incidents have been along Best Avenue. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious occurrences in their neighbourhood, as the cost to replace the wire is considerable, while the copper itself that is being stolen is of very little value.

On the afternoon of November 2, a 31-year-old man from Abbotsford was caught stealing from a retail store in Mission. When the Loss Prevention Officer approached the man, the offender assaulted the LPO, then fled when he saw police. An officer caught up with the male and arrested him without further incident. All store employees are encouraged to use an abundance of caution when dealing with shoplifters, as there have been incidents of shoplifters using violence or making threats toward employees.

A man from Abbotsford and his 17-year-old son went fishing at Norrish Creek on the morning of November 4, but while they were out there, the river level rose rapidly and the pair found themselves stranded on a log, surrounded by rushing water. Mission RCMP notified Mission Search and Rescue, who immediately deployed a team and a boat to the area. An RCMP helicopter was also called in to assist. The father and son were rescued and taken to safety. Backcountry users are encouraged to be prepared for changing weather conditions at this time of year, and to ensure someone knows where they are going in case they don’t return home at the expected time.Around 1 am on November 4, officers on patrol on Lougheed Highway near Dewdney Trunk Road observed a female walking quickly along the highway, talking on her cell phone. A little further down the highway, officers came across a pickup truck that had crashed into a utility pole, and had significant damage. Open liquor was also visible inside the truck. Putting two-and-two together, officers returned to try to locate the female, but she was no longer in the area. Minutes later, the same female called to report that she had been in a collision, and had walked home. Officers went to her residence, confirmed it was the same person they had seen earlier, and that she showed signs of being impaired by liquor. She was subsequently arrested for impaired driving. Drivers are reminded that the law does not require police to locate an impaired driver while they are still behind the wheel – someone who is located after-the-fact can still be arrested and charged with impaired driving. As we approach the holiday season, please think twice before drinking and driving.

Three more impaired drivers were caught within a 5-hour span on the evening of November 4. Around 7 pm, a car collided with a parked vehicle on Badger Avenue, and the offender initially took off, but then returned to the scene and displayed clear signs of impairment. An hour later, police were notified of a vehicle swerving over the Mission Bridge, and driving down the middle of the lanes. The witness followed the vehicle until it parked at a house in Mission. Police observed open liquor inside the vehicle, and the driver’s breath smelled of liquor. Then shortly before midnight, an officer came across a vehicle with 4 young adults inside, stopped on the side of the road near Cedar Street and Dewdney Trunk Road. Open liquor was also located inside that vehicle, and the vehicle smelled strongly of liquor. All of these drivers failed a roadside screening device test, received 90-day driving prohibitions, and had their vehicles impounded for 30-days.

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