Public’s help sought in connection with sophisticated break-and-enter


2023-09-27 04:16 PDT

File # 2023-11087

Photo of black suspect trucks

(Click here for large photo of black suspect trucks)

Mission RCMP are asking for the public’s help in relation to a sophisticated break-and-enter to a warehouse.

At 3:45 am on September 11, a group of thieves targeted a business in a warehouse complex near Gill Avenue in Mission. Two one-ton cube vans were used in the break-in – one being a Ford E350, and the other a Sprinter-van front, with a moving-truck-style box on the back. Both vehicles were originally white and had been stolen in Langley in the weeks leading up to the break-in. When the Ford was stolen, it had Ezee Hoarding decals on the sides and rear.

By the time the break-in was committed, both trucks had been repainted flat-black, and even had all of their brake lights and running lights painted black to help keep the trucks dark and easier to conceal. The Ford truck also had a large aftermarket off-road bumper mounted to its front. Several of the intruders wore reflective green or yellow construction-type jackets, as well as balaclavas. Both trucks were found burned on Wolfe Street in the Silverdale area an hour later – a fire that could easily have spread to nearby properties. See photos below of what the trucks looked like when they were stolen (white), and what they looked like at the time of the break-in (black).

This was clearly a pre-planned crime, says Corporal Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP. We’re asking for the public’s help in identifying the individuals involved, and we believe that there are people out there that saw these trucks in the hours or days before this crime was committed. Keep in mind that the trucks might have been white or black when you saw them, but we’re interested in hearing from anyone that noticed one or two suspicious cube vans in the Mission area recently – either being driven or parked somewhere. If you saw these trucks, or if you have information that can help identify the thieves involved in committing this crime, call us. Let’s help keep our community safe together, and ensure that this group is not allowed to commit further offences.

For the purposes of ensuring the safety and security of the business that was targeted, further details on the break-in are not being released. Anyone with information can call Mission RCMP at 604-826-7161 (File 23-11087), or email mission RCMP at

Photo of black Sprinter truck

Click here for large photo of black Sprinter truck

Photo of black Ford truck

Click here for large photo of black Ford truck

Photo of two of the suspects

Click here for large photo of two of the suspects

Photo of original Sprinter van

Click here for large photo of original Sprinter van

Photo of Original Ford truck - front

Click here for large photo of Original Ford truck - front

Photo of original Ford truck - rear

Click here for large photo of original Ford truck - rear

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