RCMP Community Connection for the week of September 11 – 17


2023-09-22 07:00 PDT

Welcome to the Mission RCMP Community Connection for the week of September 11-17, 2023

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we did last week:

Calls of interest:

On the morning of September 13, two men reportedly stole two wagons full of items from the Leisure Centre, by fleeing out a side door. An officer attended the Leisure Centre and viewed video of the theft. Shortly afterwards, he located one of the men walking on Logan Avenue with a wagon still loaded with stolen items. The man was arrested and the stolen items were recovered. The officer continued patrols throughout the day and was able to locate and arrest the second man as well, also still in possession of the second wagon full of stolen items.

During the overnight hours of September 14, officers were conducting proactive patrols in the Deroche area, when they observed a suspicious pickup truck stopped at a gas station. Queries of the license plate confirmed the truck had been stolen out of Vancouver. Police followed the truck until other officers arrived to help prevent it from fleeing, then a traffic stop was conducted and the driver was removed. The 42-year-old female from Lake Errock was arrested without incident for possession of stolen property and driving while prohibited.

A possible impaired driver was reported on the morning of September 15, after a witness saw a red Toyota Echo with no license plates running in a store parking lot, with two persons seemingly passed out inside. Police attended and roused both occupants. The driver displayed signs of drug impairment, and a bag of suspected methamphetamine was visible in the center console. The driver performed poorly on a roadside sobriety test and was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded.

Early in the morning of September 17, a homeless man was struck in the head numerous times by another man with a collapsible baton. The victim suffered head injuries and was treated at hospital, but has since been released. Investigators believe that the assailant was known to the victim, however the motive for the attack is unknown. No one has been arrested at this time.

A road rage incident occurred on the afternoon of September 12, on Horne Street near 1st Avenue. The driver of one vehicle was reportedly tailgating another vehicle, and yelled at the other driver. The incident escalated until the vehicles stopped and both drivers got out of their vehicles, with one of the drivers wielding a screwdriver. The drivers eventually backed down and no one was injured. It takes two to tango, and usually it takes two to road rage, says Corporal Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP. If you are the aggressor (you’ll know because you’re the one who will be doing the honking, the yelling and the tailgating) – take a breath and give your fellow citizen a break. Maybe they did cut you off, but they probably didn’t do it on purpose. If you’re the one being targeted by another driver, please do not slam on your brakes to force the driver behind you to do the same (a collision in that case wouldn’t really be an accident would it?), and likewise please do not stop and challenge the other driver to a fight. Instead, consider turning off at the next street, with hopes that the other driver will carry on their way and leave you alone. If they don’t, and you believe you’re in danger, remain in a public place, call 911 and our officers will come and help diffuse the situation.

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