RCMP Community Connection for the week of August 14 – 20


2023-08-24 08:14 PDT

Welcome to the Mission RCMP Community Connection for the week of August 14 – 20, 2023

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we did last week:

Calls for service last week: 358
Proactive patrols of identified hot spots: 21
Curfew checks completed: 4

Calls of interest:

In the early morning hours of August 16, police and paramedics responded to a 35-year-old female that was experiencing an apparent drug overdose. While interacting with the female, an officer located a black replica handgun tucked into the woman’s waistband. The gun was seized by police. This is a good reminder to everyone that replica firearms such as airsoft guns and pellet guns can appear very realistic, especially from a distance. It’s not uncommon for Mission RCMP to encounter people with these weapons, which can create a serious safety risk. Anyone who possesses a lookalike firearm should ensure they are not carrying it in public, does not have it tucked into their waistband or in the center-console of their car, and if interacting with police, should advise the officer that they have it. Parents are also encouraged to remind their children about the potential dangers of carrying a replica firearm. Be aware that depending on the circumstances, a person carrying only an airsoft or pellet gun can still be arrested and charged for possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Photo of replica handgun

Click here for large photo of replica handgun

On the evening of August 15, Mission RCMP were called to the area of the Rocky Point campground on Stave Lake, after a group of males were reportedly firing a shotgun and a rifle nearby. The firearms were being discharged so close to the campground that one of the campers could hear bullets whizzing past their campsite. Officers attended and located three males from Surrey leaving the area in a black BMW. One of the men did have a valid firearms license and said he had checked the area shooting map in advance to determine where they were legally allowed to shoot, however they were mistaken about their location in the wilderness region, and they were still in a no-shooting zone. The firearms and firearms license were seized pending further investigation. Anyone wanting to do back-country recreational shooting should be clear on where they are allowed to do so, and must ensure that they have a safe background. Shooting-area maps are available online on both the City of Mission and the Fraser Valley Regional District websites.

Over the past week, numerous license plates have been stolen off of vehicles in Mission. Some plates were simply taken, while other vehicle owners found that their plates had been replaced with plates from someone else’s vehicle. While license plate theft may seem like a petty crime, it can in fact have significant implications. Stolen license plates may be used to make a stolen car look legitimate, or to try to mask the vehicle owner’s information if the vehicle is used in the commission of other crimes. Vehicle owners who find their license plate has been removed or tampered with should notify police immediately.

A residence on Badger Avenue was broken into over this past weekend, with a large amount of item stolen, including appliances, electronics, and a customized red Honda Del Sol convertible with a black hood. Anyone who saw any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area at the time, or has information about the whereabouts of this unique car, should call Mission RCMP.

Photo of red Honda Del Sol

Click here for large photo of red Honda Del Sol

On the morning of August 20, the family of an 84-year-old man called police after they awoke to find him missing from their home. They were concerned for his welfare because of ongoing medical conditions. Mission RCMP immediately requested assistance from both a police dog, as well as Mission Search and Rescue. Fortunately, it was not long before a family friend located the gentleman having breakfast at a restaurant in town. While this story had a good and quick outcome, it’s a good reminder that we are all here to help, and if a loved one has wandered off, time can be of the essence, says Corporal Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP. If you are concerned that someone is missing and may be in danger due to their age, medical conditions, cognitive ability or otherwise, call police as soon as possible. Every minute that passes means that the person could have wandered that much farther away, expanding the search area, and decreasing the likelihood that a search dog can pickup a track. We would rather call-off a search because your family member has been found nearby than risk their safety by prolonging the time it takes to find them.

Ways to connect with Mission RCMP:

Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 604-826-7161.
Online crime reporting
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