Downtown disturbance leads to arrests and drugs


2023-08-04 14:40 PDT

File # 2023-27553

 A disturbance in front of City Hall on Monday night drew police attention and resulted in multiple arrests that were filmed and posted to social media.

On July 31, 2023, at approximately 6:38 p.m., a Kamloops RCMP was conducting patrols when he observed a man in a white vehicle in the parking lot of City Hall reportedly yelling and swearing at a woman standing with her dog. The man exited the vehicle and the officer believed the situation was escalating, possibly to violence, so he positioned himself to intervene. The officer arrested the man for causing a disturbance but the suspect allegedly resisted and handed off a bag to the woman with the dog. The man was handcuffed on the ground.

During the arrest, the investigator noticed a third woman, seated in the white vehicle, who appeared badly injured and blood could be seen on her face. The officer was aware of the concurrent investigation in which a woman had been shot earlier that evening and became concerned that these events might possibly be related.

The woman who was now in possession of the bag allegedly went to leave the scene with what the officer believed to be potential evidence of an offence. When the officer attempted to retrieve the bag from her, she allegedly positioned her dog between them causing it to bite the officer’s holster.

The woman was arrested for obstruction but she reportedly continued to back away and position her dog between herself and the arresting officer. The dog continued to act aggressively toward the officer prompting him to draw his service pistol before a passerby, who seemed familiar with the dog, took custody of it. While the officer attempted to handcuff the woman, she allegedly resisted, sending the handcuffs under a nearby picnic table. The officer maintained control of the woman and retrieved his handcuffs while the second woman continued to film and taunt him.

The injured woman was medically assessed on scene but was uncooperative with investigators with regards to the source of her injuries.

Our officers face countless risks every day and make spilt-second decisions, often based on extremely limited information, said Superintendent Jeff Pelley, Officer in Charge of the Kamloops RCMP. It’s important to understand the full circumstances of any incident, rather than rely on a social media video that may not provide complete context.

In total, police seized approximately 29.7 grams of suspected Fentanyl and 5.9 grams of suspected Methamphetamines, as well as small amounts of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine.

The man is known to police and both him and the woman were later released. No charges have been laid.

The Kamloops RCMP continues to conduct a comprehensive review of the circumstances of this incident and the investigation remains ongoing. There is no information at this time to suggest this event is connected to the ongoing shooting investigation.

Staff Sergeant Kris Clark
Senior Media Relations Officer, Communication Services
RCMP E Division HQ / Government of Canada / Tel: 778-290-2929

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