Opportunity vehicle thefts on the rise

Kamloops City

2023-03-16 12:58 PDT

The Kamloops RCMP Detachment is reminding residents of how important it is to secure their vehicles, following a series of recent opportunity thefts.

Last week, March 6-12, more than one quarter of the vehicles reported stolen in Kamloops were done so with a key left inside, or in an unlocked vehicle nearby.

Over the last month or so, we’ve even had vehicles stolen while they were left running, unlocked, outside of a store, said Corporal Crystal Evelyn, Kamloops RCMP spokesperson. It doesn’t get much easier than that for a thief just passing by to steal a vehicle and potentially use it to for more crime and property theft.

Along with making a vehicle an easy target, an unlocked vehicle with its keys inside is also considered to be an unsecure vehicle, an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act, S. 191 (2)(a).

Crimes of opportunity are the easiest ones to commit, but also to prevent, said Cpl. Evelyn.

In light of the recent and noticeable opportunity thefts, police are asking residents to please take a moment and review the following crime prevention tips and share them with other drivers in their household.

If you have information on crime, please contact Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000. Less serious crimes, such as stolen or damaged property without any witnesses or suspects, can also be reported online at https://ocre-sielc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/kamloops.

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