Motorcycle officers enhance traffic enforcement


2023-05-16 09:59 PDT

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Coquitlam RCMP Traffic Team uses motorcycles to enhance traffic enforcement.

The traffic team focuses on law enforcement, public education and joint-partnership initiatives. Maintaining public safety on our roadways is a priority. The traffic team uses targeted enforcement focusing on speed, distraction, impairment, intersection infractions and vehicle-restraints.

The traffic team utilizes various police vehicles for enforcement activities, which includes a small fleet of motorcycles. Motorcycles provide officers an edge with quick maneuverability in tight situations and accessibility to locations that are not passable in a police vehicle.

S/Sgt. Mark McCutcheon standing beside his police motorcycle

View larger photo - [Photo] – S/Sgt. Mark McCutcheon standing beside his police motorcycle

The motorcycle allows a tactical advantage during times of heavy traffic congestion and an improved unobstructed view of surrounding motorists, said Staff Sergeant Mark McCutcheon, Coquitlam RCMP’s Traffic Services Commander.

Along with enforcement, police motorcycles fulfill a role in public education, community events and add a proactive visible presence on our roadways.

Training to become a motorcycle officer includes learning how to weave around traffic cones, make U-turns and complete sudden stops. Police must already have a class 6 driver’s licence before taking the two-week comprehensive training, which has a high failure rate. Once an officer has successfully accomplished the motorcycle training, they must maintain their skills and complete annual recertification.

Constable Tania Saunders standing beside two RCMP motorcycles

View larger photo - Constable Tania Saunders standing beside two RCMP motorcycles

It’s not just riding a motorcycle, it’s a police motorcycle with emergency lights, electronics, radios and radar. It has everything a police vehicle has, said Coquitlam RCMP’s motorcycle officer, Constable Tania Saunders. It’s a completely different way of riding and policing. There is an advantage of being on a motorcycle that you can’t get in a police vehicle.

Every year, officers have to recertify to maintain their skill level and for any new developments.

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