Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services and SFU Traffic Safety partner up for road safety initiatives


2023-03-08 09:08 HNP

In September 2022, a conversation was struck between Burnaby RCMP’s Traffic Services and SFU’s Traffic Safety team. Both agencies noted the increasing road safety issues at SFU and the surrounding area. These issues included intersection safety, speeding, drivers disobeying traffic signs and pedestrian safety.

The winter months are known as the most hazardous in the area due to weather conditions. Between October 2022 and February 2023, the two agencies conducted 20 joint road safety initiatives which resulted in 511 violation tickets being issued.

The backs of two men. One wearing a police vest, the other wearing an SFU Campus Public Safety vest. they are standing beside a Burnaby RCMP Police car at SFU

A breakdown of the 511 tickets issued is as follows:

The team also served 4 Driving Prohibitions during this time frame.

While a lot of tickets were issued, our first goal is always to educate the public and to keep our roads safe, said Cpl Mike Kalanj with Burnaby RCMP. Based on the volume of unsafe driving observed, expect to see this type of initiative and partnership to continue in the future.

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