Man arrested after allegedly assaulting and attempting to disarm police officer

Burnaby, Public Alert

2023-11-14 11:45 PST

File # 2023-39924

A man has been arrested after he reportedly assaulted and attempted to disarm a police officer near Kingsway and McKay Avenue on Monday, November 13.

At approximately 12 p.m., a Burnaby RCMP frontline officer was approached by a member of the public who reported that a man was attacking people, walking into traffic and attempting to open doors of parked and moving vehicles. At the same time there was also a 911 call reporting that someone with the same description as the suspect was swinging a hammer.

When the officer located the suspect, the suspect apparently demanded the officer’s firearm and rushed towards the officer, lunged at him and attempted to disarm him.

The officer repeatedly yelled for the suspect to stop, but he actively resisted arrest and began to fight the officer. The officer and the suspect were struggling on the ground with a member of the public trying to assist the officer when additional Burnaby RCMP officers arrived. However, the suspect did not comply with officers’ instructions and continued to actively resist arrest. Officers used physical strikes and deployed a Conducted Energy Weapon (Taser), which enabled them to take the man into custody.

The 46-year-old suspect, who has a history of violent offences in the Lower Mainland, was taken to the hospital to be assessed for injuries and to receive any other treatment he might require.

The police officer involved was also taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid. Several charges are under consideration, including assaulting a peace officer and disarming a peace officer. The man faces several potential charges upon approval from BC Prosecution Service.

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Cpl. Michael Kalanj
Media Relations Officer
Burnaby RCMP
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