Distracted Driving Kills - Leave Your Phone Alone


2022-03-01 12:55 PST

March is distracted driving awareness month and Richmond RCMP is joining forces with ICBC to step-up their enforcement and awareness campaigns for the entire month.

The use of hand-held personal electronic devices while driving has been banned in British Columbia since 2010, and drivers who are caught using electronic devices while driving are subject to a fine of $368. Still, each year in B.C. an average of 76 people are killed in crashes involving distracted drivers.

According to ICBC, distracted driving accounts for more than one-quarter of all motor vehicle crash fatalities in the province. Recent studies have also found that as many as 40% of B.C. drivers admit to using their cell phone while driving.


DV: = Described Video
A: = sounds and music on video
V: = Voice speaking on video
T: = text on video

00:00:00 to 00:00:03
DV: opening with grey van driving past camera
A: Sound of vehicle approaching and passing, music and road noise in background

00:00:03 to 00:00:09
DV: Driver sitting in vehicle, text message comes in, driver picks up phone and begins scolling
A: ding sound of text message

00:00:09 to 00:00:14
DV: view of driver from outside looking in front window, driver looking at cellphone. Drops phone, grabs steering wheel and begins to drive ahead after hearing honk.
A: Road noise in background then sound of horn honking

00:00:14 to 00:00:18
DV: Police car with red and blue lights is stopped behind the grey van. Police officer wearing a black face mask approaches van on foot.
A: road noise and music in background

00:00:18 to 00:00:21
DV: police officer gives driver a blue piece of paper then walks away
A: road noise and music in background

00:00:22 to 00:00:42
DV: police officer with ticket book in hand standing in front of police vehicle
V: Just gave that driver a ticket for distracted driving. $368 fine. It's pretty hefty - but it could have been worse. Every year in B.C., on average, 76 people die in distracted driving related crashes.
When you drive, leave the phone alone.

00:00:43 to 00:00:45
DV: Black screen with text and RCMP crest
T: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2022.

00:00:46 to 00:00:48
DV: Government of Canada logo appears then fades to black
T: Canada
A: music fades out

00:00:49 END.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since police first began enforcing distracted driving laws in B.C., and still 4 out of every 10 drivers aren’t getting the message, says Corporal Ian Henderson of the Richmond RCMP. Distracted driving crashes kill and they are completely avoidable. When you drive, leave your phone alone, says Henderson.

During the month of March, Richmond RCMP officers and volunteers will join ICBC staff in a month long, citywide campaign aimed at driving home this message through awareness and enforcement.

To learn more about distracted driving related crashes, check out the ICBC website.

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