Richmond RCMP welcomes the Tiger - Happy New Year!

Richmond, Community Policing Services

2022-01-31 13:16 PST

red and gold colored illustration of a tiger

Lunar New Year lands on February 1st this year and 2022 is the year of the Tiger.
Astrologers say the Tiger is kind, adventurous and enthusiastic.
Yet Tigers are also aggressive, short-tempered and anxious.
Given the trying times we are encountering, it seems appropriate that the Year of the Tiger is at hand.

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, let us focus on the positive.
Channel the vigor and vitality of the tiger into being kind to one another.
Richmond RCMP wishes everyone good fortune, good health and may everything go your way.


00:00:00 to 00:00:04
DV: Opening still photo of police officer in front of RCMP logo with red and gold decorations hanging on either side of him. Text appears.
A: underlay of string instrumental music
T: A message from Assistant Commissioner Will Ng Officer-in-Charge Richmond RCMP.

00:00:05 to 00:00:12
V: On behalf of the Richmond RCMP Detachment, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year. Happy Year of the Tiger. Gōng-xǐ-fā-cái. Shēntǐ-jiànkāng. Gong hay fat choi. Sun taai gin hong.
DV: He offers wishes of ‘good fortune’ and ‘good health’ in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and makes a clasping gesture with his hands.

00:00:18 to 00:00:20
DV: Picture fades into red and gold illustration of a tiger.
A: music grows louder.

00:00:20 to 00:00:28
DV: Text stating Happy New Year with Chinese characters appears, along with RCMP crest in lower right corner. Fireworks also appear.
T: Happy New Year.

00:00:29 to 00:00:31
DV: Fade to black, then text appears with RCMP crest
T: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2022.

00:00:31 to 00:00:35
DV: Government of Canada logo appears, then fades to black
T: Canada
A: music fades out

00:00:35 END.



In Simplified Chinese, these wishes translate as follows:

Good fortune = 恭喜发财 Gōng-xǐ-fā-cái
Good health = 身体健康 Shēntǐ-jiànkāng
May everything go your way = 万事如意 Wànshì-rúyì

In Traditional Chinese, they translate as:

Good fortune = 恭喜發財 Gong hay fat choi
Good health = 身體健康 Sun taai gin hong
May everything go your way = 萬事如意 Maan see yu yee

Released by

Cpl. Ian Henderson

Media Relations Officer
Richmond RCMP
11411 No. 5 Road, Richmond, BC, V7A 4E8
Office: 604-207-4747
Cell: 604-765-4528


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