It’s 9 p.m. Have you done your #9PMCheck?


2021-12-09 16:17 PST

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Every year the festive season brings with it an up-tick in property crime.
As holiday shoppers search for the perfect gift, thieves are out checking-off their gift lists too.

Most people know not to leave items in their vehicles while they shop, but thieves also target homes and vehicles in residential areas this time of year, says Corporal Ian Henderson of the Richmond RCMP. Still, there are some things you can do to make life more difficult for thieves in the days before Christmas, says Henderson, One is a nightly check before settling-in for your Long Winter’s Nap.

With this in mind, each night from now until Christmas, Richmond RCMP will be tweeting out reminders to residents to do a #9PMcheck.

While everyone’s home is unique, here are some common things you should check:

It’s important for people to remember – thieves are opportunists, says Henderson.

They’re looking in windows and checking out doors. Why would they buy things when they can take yours?

Make life difficult for thieves – do your #9PMcheck.

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