Update#2: Enforcement operation continues near Houston, BC


2021-11-19 19:03 PST

Police enforcement of the injunction order granted to Coastal GasLink continued on Friday November 19, 2021 in an effort to clear obstructions and blockades along a couple of forest service roads.

The morning began with challenging road conditions due to snow, however the Morice Forest Service Road remained open to industry traffic, who continued move supplies and supports to their people in the works camps.

Upon arrival at the 2 kilometre mark of the Marten Forest Service Road, officers discovered additional obstructions, blockades, two building-like structures as well as a wood pile that was on fire directly around a drilling site. After police determined there were individuals within the buildings, officers read the BC Supreme Court injunction and encouraged those inside numerous times to leave or face arrest. The individuals failed to comply and officers broke through the doors, entered the structures and arrests were made without incident. Police can confirm that among those inside the structures were two individuals who later identified themselves as independent journalists. A total of 11 individuals were arrested at this location.

As police were in the process of leaving the Marten Forest Service Road they were advised that a group of individuals were throwing rocks at industry vehicles. Police attended the 44 kilometre mark along the Morice Forest Service Road and 4 individuals were arrested without incident. One individual who identified themselves as a journalist was not arrested and was escorted out of the area after enforcement ended.

Once again all enforcement actions were documented, including the use of video and body worn cameras for court or complaint purposes.

The area has been cleared of all obstacles at this time and industry has access to assess any damage or impacts. The Access Control Point (ACP) at the 27.5 kilometre mark of the Morice Forest Service Road will remain in place along with an enhanced police presence and roving patrols of the area.

In total 15 individuals were arrest for today for breaching the injunction. They were transported to the Houston RCMP Detachment for processing and will be held in custody to appear before the BC Supreme Court.

Individuals arrested on Thursday November 18, 2021 appeared in a Smithers Court today. Of the 14 arrested, one was released with no charges and with respect to the remaining 13 - 8 were released on conditions and 5 have been transported to Prince George for their next court appearance on Monday.

The next update will be issued if there are any further or required enforcement actions or arrests. 

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