Supporting those in need. Richmond RCMP Toy Drive taking place November 20 at Lansdowne Mall


2021-11-14 08:10 PST

Richmond RCMP will be hosting the 7th annual Richmond RCMP Toy Drive in support of the Richmond Christmas fund, another program of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, on November 20, 2021.

The Toy Drive will take place in the parking lot of Lansdowne Centre located at 5300 No 3 Rd. between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Our passion and commitment to the toy drive comes from the need our officers witness everyday in our community, says Chief Superintendent Will Ng, Officer-in-charge Richmond RCMP, We don’t want any family or child to wake-up Christmas morning to an empty tree which is why we have organized this event for the past 7 years.

Thanks to a generous community donation, Chief Superintendent Ng will be in a dunk tank on the day of the event. Stayed tuned later this week for more details on @RichmondRCMP twitter account.


Richmond RCMP officers sitting in a police SUV. Christmas music is playing in the background.

Camera focuses on the two police officers inside of the vehicle. Police officer #1 is driving while Police Officer #2 is sitting in the front passenger seat with a box of mini donuts on his lap. He is holding one half eaten donut in his hand. Both police officers are wearing Covid-19 masks.

Police Officer #1 (male): I can't wait for the Toy Drive this year!

Police Officer#2 (male): I agree. I love seeing the residents of Richmond coming together in the spirit of giving.

Camera focuses on a side view profile of the police SUV traveling along a street in Steveston Village in Richmond. A gust of wind and snow blows over the SUV.

Police Officer#1: Huh?

As police officer #1 looks puzzled at the sudden snow, police officer #2 points towards the road.

Police Officer #2: Watch out!!!!

Camera view focuses on police officer one as he presses down hard on the brake pedal. The SUV screeches to a halt narrowly stopping before Santa Claus standing on the road. The wind whistles and Christmas music plays in the background. Santa Claus approaches the police SUV and starts speaking to the police officers. Both police officers look surprised. Police officer #1 looks to Santa Claus.

Police Officer #1: Who do you think you are standing in the middle of the road?

Santa Claus: Can't you tell? I'm Santa Claus.

Both Police officers look at one another, surprised. Police Officer #1 looks toward Santa Claus.

Police Officer #1: Do you need a lift?

Santa Claus: Why thank you!

Santa Claus snaps his finger and vanishes. He reappears in the back seat of the police SUV. Camera focuses on the back seat at Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: I heard you were talking about the citizens of Richmond have always shown holiday spirit by giving to the Toy Drive so all kids can receive gifts on Christmas.

Police Officer #2: That’s right Santa!

Santa Claus: I think it’s time we honored the people of Richmond. For every person who gives to the Toy Drive this year, let’s give them something back to say, Thank you.

Police Officer #1: What can we give them?

Santa Claus: How about your favorite treat?

Santa looks at the box of donuts in the front seat.

Santa Claus: How about that box of donuts?

Police Officer #2: Share one box of donuts with all of Richmond?

Camera focuses on Santa raising his left finger and taps his nose.

Santa Claus: Nothing a bit of magic cannot solve.

Mini donuts start floating in a line from the box and into the air. Santa taps his nose again and disappears!

Both police officers look around in amazement.

Police Officer #1: This year’s Toy Drive is going to be deliciously awesome!

Camera focuses on the front of the police SUV while Police Officer #1 stands to address the camera.

Police Officer #1: Please join us at the annual Richmond RCMP Toy Drive on Saturday November 20, 2021 at the Lansdowne Centre Mall parking lot by the Skytrain Station from 8 a.m to 1 p.m. Help us stuff the squad car with a new unwrapped toy or a minimum $10 monetary donation to receive a bag of delicious mini donuts and help ensure those in need can share in the holiday spirit. Covid-19 measures will be in place.


This continues to be an amazing partnership between Richmond RCMP and Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, says Ed Gavsie, President and CEO of Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives, The need in our community is much greater than many people realize. We are so fortunate that the donations for the Toy Drive have increased each year to help meet the needs. We encourage people to come out and support this event so we ensure that everyone can celebrate in the spirit of the holidays.

In addition to toys for kids, there is also a need for books or gifts for the teenage years. Those wishing to make donations before November 20th, can visit any of the advance toy drop locations, located at:

Richmond RCMP along with Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives will be hosting an advance media availability on November 15, 2021 at 11:30 am at Lansdowne Centre.

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