Richmond RCMP volunteers stepping up activity


2021-07-07 14:50 PDT

Photo of officers & volunteers with Speed Watch speed board, and Photo of volunteer & officer conducting <q>lock-out auto-crime</q> patrols

‘Speed Watch’ & ‘Lock-out Auto-crime’ = two proactive initiatives involving #RichmondRCMP volunteers

As the pandemic restrictions began to ease in June, Richmond RCMP volunteers became more active, focusing on the Speed Watch program and Lock-Out Auto-Crime patrols.

Under the Speed Watch program, volunteers deploy to various locations throughout the city where traffic speeds are becoming a concern. Volunteers use an automated ‘speed board’ to monitor traffic speeds. They record the license plates of speeding vehicles, and registered owners later receive warning letters in the mail.

During Lock-Out Auto-Crime deployments, volunteers conduct patrols in various parking areas throughout the city where there has been a noted increase in thefts from vehicles. During their patrols, volunteers inspect parked vehicles for items left inside which may be attractive to thieves. They then send letters to registered owners reminding them not to leave valuable items inside their vehicles.

During the month of June, Speed Watch volunteers checked 2778 vehicles and issued 96 warning letters for speeding. Meantime, Lock-Out Auto-Crime volunteers inspected 1745 vehicles and issued 118 reminder letters.

Speed Watch’ and ‘Lock-Out Auto-Crime’ are two proactive initiatives which compliment the ongoing enforcement and investigations being done by the Richmond RCMP Road Safety and Property Crime units, says Corporal Ian Henderson of the Richmond RCMP. As BC shifts into Step 3 of its restart plan, we look forward to reconnecting with more of our volunteers. Over the summer, Richmond RCMP will be ramping-up these kinds of initiatives while still adhering to the guidelines and recommendations of the provincial health officer, says Henderson.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? If so, check out the Richmond RCMP website or contact the Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212, for more information.

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