Richmond RCMP to participate in the Doors Open Richmond event.


2021-06-05 15:11 PDT

Photo from Richmond Museum Doors Open webpage that says <q>Welcome to the 14th edition of Doors Open Richmond 2021</q> and the RCMP in BC Safe Place logo that says <q>Make your location a safe place for LGBTQ Victims of Crime, Harassment, and Bullying. Join the Safe Place program to help make your community safe.  Emergency? Call 911.</q>

Richmond RCMP will join more than 30 other community partners in the 14th Annual Doors Open Richmond event, hosted by the Richmond Museum. This year’s event will be held online from June 5th to 12th.

During this week-long virtual event, new videos and behind-the-scenes footage from each of the 30+ partner sites will be featured on the Richmond Museum website and social media channels. The annual event celebrates cultural diversity and raises civic awareness by offering a look inside places of worship, cultural and civic centers, local businesses, museums and heritage sites. During this year’s Doors Open Richmond virtual event, officers from Richmond RCMP’s Diversity & Inclusion Unit will be highlighting the Safe Place program.

The Safe Place program offers shelter and safety for victims of crime and for those who are feeling unsafe. By placing a decal in their window, participating businesses and organizations clearly identify the premise as a safe haven — a place where everyone will be welcomed, where they can call police, and where they can wait until officers arrive. The decal also clearly identifies the premises as a safe haven and ally for members of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Check out the Richmond RCMP Doors Open Richmond video.


Described Video: Richmond RCMP title and Crest in front of blurred image of detachment.Text: Richmond RCMP

Described Video: Transition to drone video moving in toward front door of Richmond RCMP
Detachment with police vehicle and 5 officers.

Described Video: Video transitions from drone zoom in to side view close up of officers outside detachment with marked police vehicle.Text: Doors Open Richmond

Described Video: Close-up of a uniformed officer standing in front of computer and desk

Voice: "Hello I am Constable Jace Rondario.

Described Video: Close-up of another uniformed officer standing in front of a silver Richmond RCMP Crest

Voice: "And I am Corporal Roy Wong and welcome to Doors Open."

Described Video: Constable Rondario and Constable Wong standing in front of pedestrian crosswalk painted in the colours of the Pride flag.

Text: Diversity & Inclusion unit Richmond RCMPVoice: "We are members of Richmond RCMP's Diversity and Inclusion Unit."

Described Video: Close up of Pride flag. Fade in to Safe Place crest

Text: RCMP in BC. Safe place. This location is a safe place for L-G-B-T-Q-I-A Victims of Crime, Harassment and Bullying. Report crimes against members of the L-G-B-T-Q-I-A community. Emergency? CALL 9-1-1

Voice: "Today we would like to introduce you to our Safe Place program."

Described Video: Safe place crest shrinks in size and moves to lower right of screen. Text appears.

Text: Richmond RCMP Safe Place Program. Safe Place is a voluntary program intended for the L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+ community that allows businesses, schools and other organizations to partner with police, to provide shelter to everyone who are victims of anti-L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+ crimes or incidents.

Voice: "Richmond RCMP Safe Place Program. Safe Place is a voluntary program intended for the L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+ community that allows businesses, schools and other organizations to partner with police, to provide shelter to everyone who are victims of anti-L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+ crimes or incidents."

Text: To participate in the program submit a request.

Voice: " To participate in the program you will need to submit a request."

Text: Sign a Commitment Pledge. By signing this commitment pledge I agree to use these decals/signs for their intended purpose by posting them on my premise. I further agree to instruct my organization's employees to assist the victims and/or witnesses to any anti-L-G-B-T-Q-2-S+ crimes by calling the police on their behalf and allowing them to remain on my premise until police arrive.

Voice: "Once approved, you will sign a commitment pledge agreeing to your participation in the program."

Described Video: A person approaches a window and puts a sticker on it.

Text: Display decals and/or posters at your location and instruct your employees about the program.

Voice: "And then display the Safe Place decals or posters …"

Described Video: Officer and another person place poster on the window.

Voice: "... at your location and instruct your employees about the program."

Described Video: fade to two people walking in a parking lot. A creepy male walks away after the person with red hair who he is following turns to look at him.

Voice: "Once you have committed to create a Safe Place if someone is ever a victim of, or witness to, a hate crime or incident, or they just feel uncomfortable or unsafe …"

Described Video: fade back to Safe Place poster on windowVoice: "... they will know by the Safe Place decal or poster ..."

Described Video: Person with red hair approached door beside poster, opens it and goes inside.

Voice: "... they are welcome to enter your premises."

Described Video: Another person welcomes the person with red hair and invites them to sit on a chair.

Voice: "We ask you to do your best to comfort them and make them feel welcome, safe and secure."

Described Video: welcoming person squats down to speak with the person with red hair who is now sitting on a chair.

Voice: "Encourage them to call the police or assist them if necessary."

Described Video: Marked police car approaches in parking lot. Two officers then enter office and approach person the two people waiting inside.

Voice: "Continue to provide comfort and allow them to wait until our officers arrive."

Described Video: Picture fades to several police officers posing for photo on crosswalk painted in Pride flag colours.

Text: To join our Safe Place program email the Richmond RCMP at or call us at 604-278-1212.

Voice: "To join our Safe Place program and help us keep Richmond a safe, inclusive and vibrant community email us at ..."

Described Video: Transition to Safe Place decal on black background. Voice: "...or call us at 604-278-1212."

Described Video: text fades out then fade to blackVoice: "Thanks and be safe."

Text: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gendarmerie Royal du Canada. Copywrite Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2020.

Described Video: Government of Canada logo then fades to blackText: Canada


For more information on Doors Open Richmond 2021, including a list of the 30+ partners participating, check out the Richmond Museum website.

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Media Relations Officer
Richmond RCMP
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