About RCMP in B.C.

Unique in the world as a federal, provincial, and municipal policing body, the RCMP enforces federal laws across the country and provincial/territorial laws in all provinces (except Ontario and Quebec).

BC RCMP (E Division) is a complex and diverse police force which provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to all but 11 communities in BC. From small rural towns and villages to larger urban cities—no matter where the call for service is received—our first responders are connected to, and supported by, a wide-range of BC RCMP police services.

Quick facts

Please check our Police Services and Detachments pages for more information on the range of services we provide, from School Liaisons to Air Services.

Connecting with you

We want to connect with you and we welcome your input and feedback.

These tools are effective ways of getting timely information to you. In addition to general public safety information and emerging issues, we are using these tools as a means of alerting the public of immediate safety concerns and unfolding events such as Amber Alerts, evacuations, missing persons, and road closures, among others.

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