White Rock RCMP are launching the Home Vacation Check (HVC) program

White Rock, Community Policing Services

2024-06-24 09:45 PDT

Time for some rest and relaxation away from home? Let the White Rock RCMP know!
The community policing section of the White Rock RCMP are launching the Home Vacation Check (HVC) program. If your residence is in White Rock, attend the White Rock RCMP Detachment located at 15299 Pacific Ave., during business hours, 5 days prior to your departure date and complete our HVC forms.

Two volunteers checking a property.

Our trained community police volunteers will randomly check the perimeter of your property during your absence, to verify there have been no break ins or damage to your property. Should they note a perimeter breach, you will be contacted and a police file would be generated with a police investigation. While this program will help keep properties safe while owners are away, this is not a replacement for having someone pick up your mail, newspapers and doing checks inside your residence for insurance purposes.

When residents and community police partners work together, community safety and personal safety are increased. This program will give you peace of mind knowing that upon your return from being away your residence is secure. Says Constable Chantal Sears of the White Rock RCMP it takes everyone doing their part to prevent crime and we know that when we work together, property crime is reduced.

For more information about the program please contact the community policing co-ordinator Romy Devries at 778-545-4778 or by email at romy.devries@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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Cst. Chantal Sears
Media Relation Officer
White Rock RCMP
15299 Pacific Ave. White Rock BC V4B 1R1
Office: 778-545-4788
Fax: 778-545-5192

Email: chantal.sears@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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