West Shore RCMP Indigenous Policing Unit summer activities engage youth, build police-community relationships

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2023-09-13 08:06 PDT

That’s a wrap on Summer! We would like to show you some summer highlights from West Shore RCMP’s Indigenous and Community Policing events that focused on building relationships with Songhees and Esquimalt Nation youth.


[Video opens you see Cst. Brewer at the beach, he begins talking about the camping trip the Indigenous Policing Unit organized. As. Cst. Brewer continues to talk, the video starts to show several pictures of a sandcastle building competition along with camping photos of the youth group.]

Cst. Cole Brewer: Constable, Cole Brewer with the Westshore First Nations Policing Unit. Myself and my coworkers are here with the Songhees Nation Youth Group and we’re doing a camping trip. We are here at Bamberton Provincial Park. One of the highlights we organized is the Salish sea Sandcastle competition, first ever. There was no problem generating interest with the kids as soon as we stuck the first shovel hit the ground they kind of converged and we have four heated teams going after trying to win the prize here.

So connecting with youth is huge. One of our main priorities for working that Chief and Council of both Songhees and Esquimalt have identified is engagement with youth, and improving police-community relations. Engaging here with these youth is building bridges for the future, And, it’s fun, the kids are having fun. We are having fun. It’s a fun way to connect with the community and enjoy the weather we’re having here in a positive way.

[The video then goes on to show Inspector Steve Rose, at the beach, talking about the importance of building relationships with youth. As he is talking the video shows several photos of Cst. Brewer at community events along with several photos of children who have attended the events.]

Inspector Stephen Rose: My name is Steve Rose, I am an inspector at West Shore RCMP in charge of operations.

It’s critically important that the police have positive working relationship with the communities, that we serve. That begins by building foundational relationships with youth and with young people within each of the communities. We have Constable Brewer who does an outstanding job of working day to day with Songhees and Esquimalt Nation children. To engage with young people outside of the regular school year is extremely important right now.

As a result of recent decisions at the school board level within School District 61 we haven’t been able to engage with the youth at certain schools. And, as a result we have to make that extra effort to engage, to meet with the youth outside of school hours. And so this allows us to engage with those kids and (to) share stories, share experiences with both police officers and with youth.



The video depicts the first ever Salish Sea Sandcastle Competition that took place during a camping trip hosted by the West Shore RCMP unit’s at Bamberton Provincial Park.

The Indigenous and Community Policing Unit’s also held an open house at Esquimalt Nation this summer which allowed visitors to learn about our police service including the Police Dog Services and board two police vessels, the Police Vessel Higgit of the West Coast Marine Unit and the Shiprider which provides boarder integrity to our shoreline and works closely with U.S. Coast Guards. Read more here - West Shore RCMP host meet and greet event at Esquimalt Nation

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