Mounties capture masked bandit

West Shore

2023-08-24 07:25 PDT

File # 2023-17069

On August 22, the West Shore RCMP responded to a very unusual call for help. At approximately 9:40 p.m. police received a report of screaming coming from the 500 block of Leckfield Ave in Langford. Moments later, another call was received from the same location of a dog that had just been attacked.

As it turns out, the medium-sized dog had been attacked by a racoon in the yard. The dog ran back into its home and was followed by the racoon. After fighting with the residents of the home, the racoon was now trapped in the bathroom. The homeowner called police looking for help in removing the racoon, while another complainant called police reporting screaming coming from the home, no doubt due to the racoon invader.

West Shore RCMP called the Animal Control Emergency Line but they were unable to attend, so officers attended and managed to capture the racoon using a dog pole, (brought by officers) and a lacrosse stick, (offered up by the homeowner). After putting up a pretty decent fight, the racoon was secured by the officers and was released outside.


Video shows two RCMP officers standing in a hallway facing on open door to a bathroom. One officer is holding a flashlight another is handling a dog pole. There is a racoon that can be partially seen near the ceiling in the bathroom. The officer holding the dog pole is attempting to loop the racoon in the dog pole and after a few moments is able to do so and drags the racoon outside.

Video opens:

Homeowner 1: I need to video this

Laughing heard in background, (phone dial tone used to bleep out explicit language)

Homeowner 2: Is it up there? (phone dial tone used to bleep out explicit language) Oh my God!

Crashing sound heard in background

Officers: Sorry

Homeowner 1: it’s alright, don’t worry about whatever (phone dial tone used to bleep out explicit language)

Officer 1: He’s big and angry

Homeowner 1: oh yah, he was fighting all of us, he’s got a headache for sure

Officer 2: Okay, we got em’ we got em’, bring him down bring him down

Officer 1: Come on, Come on, let go

Homeowner 2: Chance, is that door shut?

More loud crashing and banging heard

Homeowner: Oh Yeah, oh wow that’s okay though


"This was a bizarre encounter for police. We generally do not attend wildlife calls however, residents in the home had received injuries from this animal and Animal Control was not available, so the officers stepped in to help," said Cpl. Nancy Saggar, West Shore RCMP Media Relations Officer.

The residents of the home and the dog received minor injuries from the racoon. We wish them a speedy recovery.

For more information on how to manage human-racoon encounters visit the Government of BC website.

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