Repeat offender arrested by the Kelowna RCMP


2023-01-20 11:46 PST

File # 2022-75461

 Kelowna RCMP Pro-Active Enforcement team uses data and analytics to target and respond to crime in our communities. Focusing on suspects who are committing the most amount of crime deploying resources effectively to stop criminality and the impacts on our community.

Forty-seven-year-old Trevor Parkstrom of Lake Country is alleged to have committed significant amounts of property crime in the Okanagan over the past three months. Our teams reviewed Parkstrom’s history and through their investigative work, determined that the residents of the Central Okanagan were deeply impacted by an endless string of property crime including theft over $5000, fraud, and possession of stolen property. Parkstrom generated files in Armstrong, Oliver, Kamloops, Lake Country, Kelowna, and beyond. Kelowna RCMP ProActive Enforcement commenced a significant investigation, connecting Parkstrom to 12 files in December 2022 and 22 files in the past 90 days. Parkstrom is named to approximately 150 calls for service, since 2013 and he has been creating police files throughout the Okanagan Valley. He has shown no regard for law and order within these communities.

On December 18th, 2022 Kelowna RCMP Frontline responded to a call for service from a switched-on citizen observing suspicious activity in progress in the early morning hours. Kelowna RCMP Frontline officers arrested Parkstrom in a stolen F250 truck in Kelowna. BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) approved charges and sought detention, and Parkstrom will be held in custody for the next two weeks awaiting his court date which is scheduled for the first week of January 2023. Parkstrom has numerous outstanding files in the North, Central, and South Okanagan which will be prioritized by investigators to ensure that all of the evidence gathered can be submitted to BCPS for their further consideration of additional charge approval.

Our teams work from the data and intelligence gathered, to piece together the facts and evidence and develop strong cases for court. We prioritize those who are ruthlessly committing crime and we take lawful action through investigations to stop property crime, says Corporal Guillaume Tanguary of the Kelowna RCMP. Our communities have been significantly impacted by this crime spree.


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