Update #93 on police enforcement of injunction order in Fairy Creek Watershed

B.C., Lake Cowichan

2021-09-07 19:00 PDT

Police enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction order in the Fairy Creek Watershed area continued today, on September 7, 2021, with ongoing efforts to remove obstructions and individuals from locking devices inside trenches and in tripods along Granite Mainline Forest Service Road.

During the course of the day, 16 individuals were arrested; 6 of whom for breaching the injunction (contempt of court) and 10 for obstruction. All were processed and released.

The RCMP is also investigating the use of a helicopter this weekend to drop supplies into Fairy Creek to assist the protesters. Police were able to recover some of the supplies which included cement and other materials to make locking devices. In addition, the helicopter may have had their call signs or markings illegally obscured. Anyone found to be aiding or abetting those breaching the BC Supreme Court injunction can also be charged.

Since enforcement began, the RCMP have arrested 882 individuals; 72 of whom were previously arrested with a combined total of 175 times. Of the total arrested, 670 were for breaching the injunction (contempt of court), 179 were for obstruction, 16 were for mischief, 6 were for breaching their release conditions, 6 were for assaulting a police officer, 2 were for failing to comply with a court order, 1 for counselling to resist arrest, 1 for causing a disturbance, and 1 Immigration Act.

All news releases on the Fairy Creek Watershed police enforcement issued to date can be found on the Lake Cowichan RCMP Detachment website.

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